Live animal trade.

Excellent morning with a 6 am start. Cool as the soft light of the rising sun glowed the myriad of greens amongst the trees. The wallabies scurrying into the forest as we tramped our way up hill. Scores of birds calling as they sort out their boundaries.

Mike ( a volunteer) wanted to come and work in a follow up area where we hand pulled lots of wild tobacco and scotch thistles. I am not one to say no to an interested person who is keen the see a herbicide free working site.

A great 2 hours where we hand weeded around pencil cedars, red and white cedars, native tamarinds, celerywood , bobble nuts, bangalow palms and numerous others. Its very satisfying work at ground level and as the soil is moist, easy pulling. A new forest already emerging.

Great work Mike, thank you. Shame you won’t be around until mid next year.

3 more Christmas cakes out of the oven. First Christmas breakfast in Mullumbimby in the morning.

PALM OIL………SCIENCE ON RADIO NATIONAL.Saturday 8 December 2018 12:33PM (view full episode)

The warnings are becoming more urgent. Time is running out to avoid breaching a 1.5-degree rise in global temperatures, which would see irreparable damage to entire ecosystems and society. So far, our efforts have been insufficient. Emissions continue to rise. Natural forests, especially those in the tropics play a key role in climate stabilization and maintaining biodiversity. But in Southest Asia, in recent years, forests and peatlands have been cleared for palm oil, with production rising from 3 million tonnes in 1970 to 70 million tonnes in 2017. The paradox lies in palm oil being a very efficient crop. It is six times more productive than its nearest vegetable rival oil using less land and growing faster. In addition, more than half the imports to the EU are used for biodiesel, replacing diesel from fossil fuels. Brendan May outlines the dilemma of palm oil and calls for action from various quarters.

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