2 Decades later.


Declassified documents reveal the Coalition has been wrestling with climate change policy for more than two decades, including perceptions it is a global “free rider”.
Key points:
Howard government considered new climate change policies to improve international reputation
Other nations accused Australia of being a “free rider” and taking no action to deal with climate change
Environment minister told cabinet Australia found few like-minded nations at climate meetings

Shortly after Malcolm Turnbull lost his prime ministership in August — in part due to a divisive energy policy debate — he claimed a “significant percentage” of his colleagues did not believe climate change was real.
Cabinet documents from 1996-97 show the Howard government was warned it was isolated on climate change, prompting consideration of new policies and a media campaign to improve its reputation.
Environment minister Robert Hill told cabinet that Australia’s ability to influence global events would be constrained unless an effective domestic response to global warming was developed.

Its been an up hill battle since the Howard Government days. Piece meal local initiatives provide only a minute or two of a feel good reaction.

Most of us working close to the natural environment have known for years climate change is accelerating its progress as we watch changing patterns in growth in our gardens and in our forests.

Only way forward is to adapt the best we can as individuals and as a country.

And two wallabies at the back door on New Year morning.

Photo could have been better.

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