Coffee’s future in a changing Global Climate.

Every coffee bean that the king parrots dispersed, after they have gnawed the finger bananas, I have learnt how to benefit from. 

They arrive just when the cheery of the coffee bean is a shiny red, perfect for human harvesting. They search along the branches  for ready red juicy sweet cheery covering of the bean itself. They devour them, sometimes holding a clump like a bouquet.

I put sacks beneath the tree and collect the coffee bean, as it falls to the ground. Free of its sweet encasing fleshy skin which the parrot loves. The actual beans they discard from their beaks.

Last year I harvested a kilo of green coffee beans with the help of the parrots from beneath my five bearing trees.

Eric separating the dried beans from their casing.

Ready to roast.

The coffee trees here were planted 25 years ago. Then with out a canopy. Since the forest behind has regenerated the coffee tree has grown tall and its harvest has diminished. Rain fall is no longer playing out as it did 15 years ago, adaptability is displayed in what survives. The seedling offspring are very sturdy.

And this morning, at Lulu’s  for breakfast I was joined by this king parrot. It picked up a spoon and attempted to eat from my plate. Probably from a neighboring dwelling.

Truly persistent.



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