From PAN. Pesticide Action Network. 

Roundup is in the news quite a lot these days. 

Earlier this month, Miami banned use of the herbicide, joining dozens of other municipalities across the USA – from Santa Rosa, California to Portland, Maine – they are taking action as concerns continue to mount around the chemical’s impact on public health.

And its not before time. Back in 2015, cancer scientists and experts at the World Health Organization found that glyphosate- the active ingredient  in Roundup-was a “probable” cause of cancer in humans. Roundup’s maker, Monsanto (recently acquired by Bayer) then launched an all out offensive to discredit the scientists involved in this finding.

But the cat is out of the bag. Not only is evidence of cancer and additional health effects mounting, it is also increasingly clear that for years, then Monsanto officials were hard at work suppressing science linking their very profitable product  that linked their flagship herbicide with health impacts. 

As journalist Carey Gillam documents in her powerful expose WHITEWASH, they waged an aggressive-and successful-campaign to convince the USA’s EPA ( environmental protection agency) regulators to look the other way.

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Our only memorials
should be the trees
that we planted.

Turn camphor patches into rainforest without herbicides


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