The One-Straw Revolution.


Showers all week which has meant alternating from garden work to reading and writing. On the third draught of a long short story based on my arrival in Australia at age 18.

Fun as hand writing needs exercise. Off the lap-top.

Then I dusted off The One Straw Revolution, such an inspiration and what guided me at times in setting up my sprawling gardens here.

The chapter on The terms of abandoning Chemicals could inform many more gardeners and land clearers as well as all farming practices.

I have learnt to grow my vegetables’ differently each year. The changing climate, insect and bird activity, the condition of the soil and what weeds are appearing………….weeds tell you a lot about the condition of the soil and water.

Fukuoka talks of what role each insect plays in healthy environments’ in the garden, like aphids devouring the weakest plants, therefore thinning for the healthy ones to thrive and produce more robust grain or seed.

nature is everywhere, in perpetual motion, therefore different every year.

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