Feral Cats and Dogs.

A feral cat showing its sharp teeth

Billions of native animals, including mammals and birds, are being killed by cats every year, research has found.
Key points:
Feral cats are versatile predators and can prey on anything that’s in the right size range that they can get access to
There is a misconception that feral cats help keep down the numbers of other feral animals, including rabbits and mice
A researcher says owners of domesticated cats would be surprised by the distances their pets can cover

The research, published in the new book, Cats in Australia: Companion and Killer, revealed each feral cat in the bush would kill about 740 animals per year.
Meanwhile, a domesticated cat would kill about 75 animals in a year.
In total, the book’s authors said cats would kill more than 3 million mammals every day, while about 2 million reptiles and 1 million birds would also be killed.
The book is a compilation of key findings from hundreds of studies about cat management.


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July 14, 2019 · 11:44 pm

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