The first major bush fires to the north of here has seen the valley full of smoke. Wake up time for the summer ahead. Water will be the priority.

Sadly the fires were deliberately lighted with teenagers already apprehended.

Terragon fire being treated as suspicious as RFS continues to protect homes

Plodding on here after a nasty reaction to my first shell backed tic attack of the season. My symptom’s have been severe with aching limbs. Over the worst now so back to follow up work on the edges of the rain forest.

Steep work pulling and mulching the lantana. Already rain forest seedlings sprouting, from Wikea to bolly gums, bangalow palms and numerous others.

Time for an identifying day with someone who knows their plants.


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4 responses to “Smoke.

  1. Tony Renn



  2. Dear Don

    Sorry to hear about your reaction to the tick bite. Some bites seem worse than others, I reckon. I am presently using the scabies cream, lyclear, on them as sson as I feel them. It kills them before I take them off and they don;t them give a last injection of poison before they are removed. And it is a cream so I can put it anywhere, even using a tool to put it on awkward places. Would you like to try some? I could drop some off for you.

    love Mary Fox (Avinashi Saraswati) phone 0421 701 949



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