Glyphosate in our Creeks.

From Nimbin.

Rous County Council has obtained funding to eradicate seeded bananas. They have been inspecting properties along Mulgum Creek and intend to start using glyphosate along the creek’s edge.

Rous Council has not responded to community correspondence which is voicing loud concern.

Community plea, PLEASE HELP keep herbicides out of Nimbins water supply. There are PROVEN natural alternatives to glyphosate which is now deemed a health risk. See previous posts here.

Nimbin Aquarius Land-care needs volunteers to combat more poisoning of our ecology.

For information phone 0413 641 402.

The fires in the Amazon are “extraordinarily concerning” for the planet’s natural life support systems, the head of the UN’s top biodiversity body has said in a call for countries, companies and consumers to build a new relationship with nature.

Brazil: fears for isolated Amazon tribes as fires erupt on protected reserves
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Cristiana Paşca Palmer, the executive secretary of the UN Convention on Biological Diversity, said the destruction of the world’s biggest rainforest was a grim reminder that a fresh approach was needed to stabilise the climate and prevent ecosystems from declining to a point of no return, with dire consequences for humanity.
“The Amazon fires make the point that we face a very serious crisis,” she told the Guardian. “But it is not just the Amazon. We’re also concerned with what’s happening in other forests and ecosystems, and with the broader and rapid degradation of nature. The risk is we are moving towards the tipping points that scientists talk about that could produce cascading collapses of natural systems.”



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