Why isn’t carp on the menu?

Australia Says No Koi Herpes Virus
Micheal Graham started this petition to The Australian Senate, Shooters Fishers Farmers Party, Greens, The Australian Government, The national Party, the liberal party, The Labor Party, One Nation Party and it now has 3,339 signatures
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This Petition is to stop the proposed release of the Koi Herpes Virus into Australian Waters. While we support reduction and control through other environmentally friendly options the release of this virus needs to be stopped. This virus is a Globally Notifiable disease and is found in 33 countries. These countries are fighting to combat the virus and remove it from their waters. No country has EVER deliberately released this virus. The NCCP & CSIRO claim this virus does not impact non-target species yet tests carried out by the CSIRO show unexplained moralities in all test subjects with as little as 40% impact on adult Carp. The dead and decaying fish will destroy our water quality and therefore native fish species. This virus is just over 20 years old and we have no clue how quick it will mutate, there are already over 100 strains of this virus. Carp is the worlds most eaten freshwater fish species and can be commercially harvested and exported in an attempt to reduce troublesome populations. Carp are NOT a problem in many of our waterways. Carp are one of the worlds most targeted sports fishing species with a multi billion dollar industry globally.  #NoKoiHerpesVirus
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One response to “Why isn’t carp on the menu?

  1. Tannon

    It’s getting quite hard at the moment, I guess as it should be, but it’s difficult to not feel overwhelmed.
    The worlds people are waking up to the destruction we are causing it. The more that wake, the more information that surfaces, the harder it becomes to stay strong and positive in the reality of how monstrously awful we are for this planet.
    I mean Carp herpes?!? I’d not heard of such a thing, the article is as much interesting as it is terrifying. . . And yet another thing to add to the “Wtf else can we get so wrong” list.


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