Monday 18.

Sunday night 15 minutes of heavy rain after my 9th day of bush fire siege. The relief I felt was over whelming almost.

The power, surprisingly came on Saturday night. TV broke the waiting and watching which has been a 24 hour reality.

Spot fires crept closer down through the newer rain forest behind the hen house and humpy. At night I could see the spot fires glow so I carried watering cans to put them out. Sleep I grabbed but usually for an hour at a time. Smoke is so thick at times I can not see where the fire is coming from.

Thanks to Margaret East for securing me a double 35 metre fire pump which is anchored into my 20 000 litre fire tank. Once installed, I had to practice how to start the pump, machinery not my forte, but once secured I felt a lot more ready to defend the cabin and humpy.

My hens were evacuated last week, that was a relief.

I will not venture far from my gardens. I do not want to see the new reality at my boundary with Night Cap National Park. I hear trees crashing down the cliffs and boulders falling.

There has been amazing support. Those of us who chose to stay and defend got to know more of each other.

Food I have and the garden still provides silver beet , kale and paw paws.

I haven’t even thought of taking many photos.


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2 responses to “Monday 18.

  1. Tannon

    Thanks for the update, please know,
    we are thinking of you constantly.
    Much love, TnD. x


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