A Break.

Ventured to town yesterday for a quick provision shop. Smoke cleared so I was prepared to be shocked by the fires path out of the valley. Large tracts of grasslands burnt to the soil, trees fallen and fried still standing. Cliffs denuded of all growth.

Our rain forest remnant is dying.

My first venture on this property came across fire tracks through the forest and igniting where there was a fallen tree, like sally wattles which are so heavy when they fall they bring everything down around it, Hence a very dry dry stack saw a football field size burn out. 200 metres from my cabin.

I was relieved I never saw these flames from my back door, a certain moment of panic would have resulted.

A slashed and mulched lantana valley was completely burnt out, to an edge of green bracken and polia which did not burn. Tree ferns which felt the flames on their trunks seemed to have survived too.

odd, every time I have taken the camera out it has not worked. maybe just as well, the vision is enough.


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2 responses to “A Break.

  1. Dear Don

    I haven’t said to myself yet that our rainforest remnant is dying. You are probably right, with the rainfall as it is. I will still plant rainforest trees during February as they stopped the fire. And watch for seedling to emerge. Do you have any ideas on what to do with burnt areas? its the big question now for me


    Mary Fox (Avinashi Saraswati) maryfox108@gmail.com phone 0421 701 949



    • Hello Mary………………..We will talk…………..I have just ventured into the burnt areas here. I am waiting for rain, if its heavy I will lose a lot of soil but if its gentle the ash will be a valuable nutrient.

      The shock of the fire powering through so much in our valley it will take a little while to adjust. Lots should come out of this, like fire proof water tanks on every roof, stop domestic use from our depleted creeks,mobile phone coverage through out the valley……….land lines fail and we are isolated from seeking help.


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