Electrical storms.

Hot days with the thunder and lightening starting to crash and flash in the evening. A sprinkle of light rain in between.

At least it gives me a respite from the relentless heat and threat but the fact lightening can easily trigger fires in the canopy, its watch and keep my fingers crossed.

Australia is finally being exposed for our 5th place ( includes fossil fuel exports) in the emission reality. A NSW conservative, the first to break ranks, came out yesterday and said climate change is real and is playing its part in the continued burning of over 2 million hectares in our state alone.

Trouble with being confined to indoors due to the heat , smoke and burning sun, is I listen to the radio and view some of the trash on tv. The tv ads are all about consume, consume, consume. The economy depends on it.

Why is the Australian government giving Nasa ( USA) 200 million dollars while our fire fighters are exhausted and we do not have enough equipment on the ground to limit the fires front?

All climate deniers over the last 4 governments should be named and compelled to tell us who funded them.



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  1. hear hear Mary Fox (Avinashi Saraswati) maryfox108@gmail.com phone 0421 701 949



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