The Cure 2019/1995

When I came back to my land in 1995 I lived in a shed, cooked on a fire and drank from the creek> Dug holes for latrine.

I was an intruder in marijuana growing territory.

And I was gay.

I lived in the shed for 3 months, rain fell, for 10 days. I had an electric fry pan. No cook ups on an outside fire. Fluorescent fungis glowed at night on the banks of the fast flowing Coopers Creek, boulders and logs hurtled down. 400mls had fallen. The shed was on the edge of the banks of Coopers Creek with a tributary feeding into it.

I had just come from living in London and Brisbane. 12 years of living with dying humans where openness and reality was the norm.

Access out was impossible.

Helicopter dropped food in……….I got 2 apples. My garden was not established. I was a newcomer, an intruder.

I had electricity so listened to the Cure on cassette.

Great to view this 2019 performance. thank you Cure.

A little rain this afternoon, mist has replaced the smoke. The ground is absorbing every drop.

I am absorbing a whiskey……… celebration of 7 mls of rain.


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2 responses to “The Cure 2019/1995

  1. Thank you for such a raw picture of your early days here. Oh I wish for rain like that! Good music too xxx Mary Fox (Avinashi Saraswati) phone 0421 701 949



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