Heading towards the 25th Forecast says we could get a shower????

7 weeks now into our constant alert. The valley is full of smoke, bringing different smells into our lives. From acrid to scented, fresh eucalypts burning to smoldering logs. Then too dense to smell anything.

I climbed to my back boundary with Night Cap National Park…………..initially surprised at the range of the fires, what it burnt, green and drought induced die off to our recent slash and mulch areas of regeneration. Surprisingly too, newly emerging red cedars and pencil cedars which have emerged since the fires.

Its going to be exciting when the rain does come, what sprouts, what introduced species arrive and the wild life re emerges.

I found huge snail shells and fur fragments through the ashes.

I have not taken photos, they are to come.

In the garden where I water few plants, the finger limes are thriving. Turmeric, galangal and ginger are sprouting too. All without their usual rain.

I do not watch the news for too long. The images of the range and height of the fires around Sydney, Adelaide and now Victoria, frighten me.

Reality as it has been here is about being alert and ready.

And a leadership who has no idea,



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