Bee kill off.

Bees continued to be poisoned in Australia and Overseas

Simon MulvanyMelbourne, Australia

JUN 22, 2020 — 

The incident in the picture took place near the villages of Chkalovo and Zeleny Gay in the district of Vesele in the northern Ukrainian region of Zaporizhia Oblast.

According to local media, the beekeeper found the thousands of dead insects on the morning of 11th May.

Council official Dmitry Maystro admitted that chemicals were used to spray local rapeseed fields at night between the 10th and 11th May.

He wrote on Facebook: “Local beekeepers were not informed about the planned crop spraying in time and therefore they were unable to protect their hives.”

Similar collapses have occurred in South Australia and Victoria in the last month where a several beekeepers filed a complaints after millions of bees were killed because of spaying.

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MY BEES HAVE BEEN EXPOSED TO PESTICIDE, UPDATE : REPORT OF 2 MORE HIVES IN THE AREA IN THE SAME STATE AS MINE Very sorry for showing upsetting emotion, when others have it worst at the moment… But a hive of mine have been exposed to chemicals. I am NOT seeking for financial compensation for the perpetuators, but I am seeking for evidence of what they've been exposed to. We have 2 potentials accidents in hypothesis… Both could be rectified prior of accident happens. 1. Few trees on council land had to be cut down, but 2 of them had bees inside. One got powdered with poison to kill the bees inside… 1 week later the hive started to get robbed… When the hive had been sprayed in the first place. 2. Fruit fly spraying happening all over the place here at the momentThere is inside of the of the fruit fly spraying chemicals highly dangerous to bees. I really don't think it is a act of vandalism. And I am wanting to start implying guilines as to what we can do to help our backyard bees, but also our native bees, here in Australia 🇦🇺 I have set up a go fund me page to help with the cost, link below or in bio! Please help! Much love to you all MADEMOISELLE BEE . #urbanbeekeeping #beehive #beekeeper #girlboss #savethebees #adelaide #australia #honeybee #honey #rawhoney #foodporn #bee #mentoringadelaide #queenbee #backyardbeekeeping #rooftop #abeille #miel #ruche #apiculture #beekeeping #pollen #flower #love #beefood #podcast #humansofbeekeeping #supportsmallbusiness #buylocal

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Last year, it is estimated that over 40,000 hives were affected by crop spraying in the Ukraine, causing damages of 120 million UAH (3.6 million GBP), according to reports.


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