Indigenous Bees.

Australian Indigenous Bees

Simon MulvanyMelbourne, Australia

JUL 10, 2020 — 

Australian artist has put together an indigenous bee poster for all states in Australia.

Australia has over 1500 native bees the majority are solitary bees. This means unlike the honeybee they live alone or in small families.

Some indigenous bees like the blue banded bee are superior pollinators as they are able to utilise buzz pollination. Some flowers hide their pollen inside tiny capsules. A Blue Banded Bee can grasp a flower of this type and shiver her flight muscles, causing the pollen to shoot out of the capsule. She can then collect the pollen for her nest and carry it from flower to flower, pollinating the flowers. Quite a few of our native Australian flowers require buzz pollination 

I have found the poster to be a great educational tool that fill children with curiosity, ,awe ,wonder and knowledge. 

I would like to think every Australian would have an opportunity of learning about these bees.

Please support Australia’s indigenous bees and local Australian artist by buying a poster.

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