Brown Pigeons.

Finally got a decent photo of the brown pigeons as they come onto the drive gravel to find food.


Asian honey bees paste pellets of animal poo on to their nests to repel attacks by giant killer hornets, scientists have revealed.

The attacks can involve dozens of the heavily armoured hornets and lead to the “mass slaughter” of thousands of bees, the researchers said, after which the hornets carry off the bee larvae to feed their own offspring. But in a continuing evolutionary arms race, the bees have developed defence mechanisms such as hissing at them or mobbing the hornets to suffocate them.


However, the newly discovered strategy using faeces shocked the scientists because bees are famously hygienic in order to prevent disease in their hives. The team do not yet know exactly why the poo pellets are particularly repulsive.

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  1. Well done Don! They are so gentle and delicately coloured, a favourite of mine.


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