The purpose of this blog is to share some of my experiences as a dedicated and passionate organic gardener over the last fifteen years. My garden is in the sub tropical region of  northern New South Wales where the annual rainfall is usually around 2 metres per year.  With increasing dramatic climate variation in recent times, climatic predictability is no longer an option and it is now becoming a matter of learning how non hybrid edible plants are adapting to these changes, with an increased emphasis on allowing the strongest plants to seed where they stand and transplanting as the seeds sprout. I have noticed considerable variation over the last five years, and in the last two years the gardens have not benefited from any winter frosts at all. This recent change has meant more variety in what has grown through the winter but the downside is the garden has not benefited from the sterilization that frosts give it.  So vegetable and fruit growing in the future for myself as a gardener, will be increasing in constant adaptation as I rely on keen observation of what is growing and when.

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  1. Melissa

    Hey Don,
    Thks for sharing. You have done a fantastic job obviously with this huge project but also your website and blog are awesomeness.
    I don’t watch TV so I didn’t know about the Oprah thing until a friend mentioned it.
    One thing I do know I would rather be digging for worms in the garden any day than even thinking about Oprah let alone being excited about a visit from her and the cost involved well………
    have a lovely Christmas
    Melissa x


    • Thank you Melissa. Always a thrill to get a comment too so if you have any suggestions for the blog please let me know. I hope to write a little about all the edible plants I grow here and how they fare with the hope it encourages more locals to start turning their mowed areas into food producing gardens.
      Best wishes and have a fun Christmas.
      Don .


  2. jo

    HI there i just stumbled on this page and i have seen the work down at Wilsons creek preschool looks GREAT … congrats and keep up the good work


    • Thank you Jo, re our herbicide free regen work at the school. Mostly positive feed-back and encouragement but one complaint, from someone who didn’t even bother to turn up on the working bee day. Said I had planted the lomandra too close to the road, they obviously did not bother to get out of their vehicle to have a close look. Another arm chair greenie I am afraid.


  3. I love viewing sites like this. It is refreshing to see some one else who thinks like I do. Keep up the good and common sense work.


  4. Sarah Connor

    Hello Don, I was a good friend of David James here in the UK. My name is Sarah. I would very much like to email you about David to see if you know what has happened etc I’ll put my email address in hopes you can contact me. David told me alot about you and this blog of yours and it is wonderful! sincerely Sarah


  5. G’day Don, congratulations on your Blog and work. Now I’m retired I’m doing similar in public parks etc see http://weedsbytheshortandcurly.blogspot.com.au/ My first Post reasonably says it all about me. I “get a buzz” making new ways to “take plants / weeds”. Besides I usually have “someone” to talk to when I’m in the paddock!
    Now I have other ideas how to take the type of lantana you show on your Blog but I wont say more unless you ask.
    Euan McLean


    • Sounds like you enjoy what you do Euan. I find the removal and mulching of lantana quite satisfying both physically and mentally. Particularly satisfying when this morning I follow up following mulching a significant patch of lantana 6 months ago.


  6. Rod Conroy

    hi Don, back at home and have been busy cleaning up after sad removal of a Blue Fig that was shading all my solar panels during the depths of winter. Have found numerous seedlings that i will pot up for future planting, away from solar panels.Have enjoyed some sunshine over last couple of days so my batteries and hot water are charged. Garden is looking great with lots of sugar snap peas and an abundance of greens. Looking at my calendar to find a suitable week to spend at your place doing follow-up work. What about the week 20-25August? John at Mullum is interested in doing a day as well. Hope you are well. Rod


    • Great if the rain goes away. First electical storm this afternoon with short heavy rain, thunder and flash lightening. Sun followed and transplanted kale happy.
      Week from the 20th sounds good. Talk soon. 4 hours in the rain-forest one day and the garden next day. How does that sound ?


  7. Rod Conroy

    okerly dokerly, week of the 20th it is then. look forward to it..


  8. chris wild

    hi don – i met you recently and you mentioned that you may be having a walk at your place in august – is that something you may still do? would love to check out your place and the work you have done
    cheers chris


    • Hello Chris-a week of sun has meant catch-up. Hopefully early September, may-be Sept 8, but it will depend on the weather. Garden is springing and the birds are busy.

      keep in touch.


      • chris wild

        that would be great – will you post it on your blog? – i am from vic and staying in mullum for a bit – i have a botany background (mostly eucalypt forest) and am a bit lost here in the subtropical rainforest but am learning lots


  9. Nadia

    Hi Don, how do you search for old articles? love nadia


  10. Shea O'Toole

    Hello Don,
    I’m back in the shire and would love nothing more than to come and spend some time with you.. I’m staying with Luna at the moment so when you get this message would you be able to call us on 66803064 and if there is no answer leave your number so that we can get in contact with you..? Your blog is so inspirational Don, I’m so proud to know you, and count you as one of my close friends..
    Lot’s of love,
    Shea O’Toole


  11. Rod Conroy

    Hi Don,
    hope you are well. There is some beautiful rain falling here right now. We are really in need of it. Sowed some sweet corn on Thursday with an intuitive feeling that rain was on the way. Will catch up soon, love Rod


  12. Mak

    Hi Don
    You may not remember me but we spent many happy hours on the cushions in Selworthy House with Fruzina
    It would have been back in the early 80s and you were getting ready to go back to Oz and develop your permaculture theories
    I’ve spent the last 30 odd yrs looking for your mythical Mulbimbi madness!!
    I only found out about FB a few months ago and I love your idea
    She was a unique and wonderful person and the world is worse for her leaving
    Hope you still remember me and maybe we can
    Meet up in Nimbin sometime


  13. Hello there Don Drinkwater, how nice to see images of the wonderful property of which you are custodian. I heard, from Hannah, that you were away for some time, but you’re obviously back now. As my years in Vanuatu grow in number, I find my heart my thoughts drifting, more and more often, to that part of the world and,speficically of course, to Koonyum Range. Many fond memories of people and places and times, and you feature largely in those memories. So glad that you’ve been able to hang on to your place, and your lifestyle. Sally.


  14. Jan Wolf

    Hello Don, what you are doing all looks and sounds wonderful,wholesome,needed. Trying to send you email but it bounces back.lots of love,Jan


  15. Tyler

    Hey Don, It’s Tyler Curry from the Green Army group that helped you out toward the start of Dec with some weeding.
    I hope you had a very merry christmas and a lovely new years!
    I recall you mentioning that you do night tours and have people come on to your property and such, and I hoping if you have any oppurtunites arising for me to come stay/help out as since the end of Green army I feel some what detachted from mother earth and would love to get my green thumb on and re-connect to nature.
    My mobile is 0412834321, really hope to hear from you.
    All the best Tyler!


  16. Hi,

    If you are looking for people to help out with the daily tasks on the farm then please consider posting about it on Hippohelp.com. It’s a platform where travellers from all over the world search for help where they can work in exchange for accommodation.

    It’s free to use for all members, and you can log in using Facebook 🙂

    Best wishes,
    Leopold Huber
    Creator of Hippohelp.com


  17. spiritbinder

    Wonderful Don!

    It’s simply been far too long in between visits. I am planning to head over your side of the world at the end of this year and was really hoping to come visit if your about home?
    Would love to hang about, for maybe even a weekish? Very happy to be put to work too, so start a list. 🙂
    Was thinking maybe mid Dec? Drop me an email or a message and let’s get in touch.

    Tannon. (and Dion). x


  18. Justin Allen

    I also own a property in Northern NSW, have been regenerating sub tropical rainforest through gullies and ridges dotted with mature eucalyptus.

    Would love to check out your property and learn what I can.

    Keep up the great work



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