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The helicopters worked all weekend and are continuing this morning. The NSW BUSH FIRE ALERT website now says the fire is controlled.

A relief for the time being.

A difficult week for me here with my physical slow down and the realisation my 25 years of hard labour, regenerating 1000s of rain forest trees could be burnt out in a flash.

Then to listen to so called leaders denying climate change is happening. 

But by the weeks end, I am able to relax and say to myself what will be will be and as soon as I accepted that, I began to relax.

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4th day of helicopters dumping water on the ridge that looks down on here. Chris, a neighbour works for National parks and mobile phones me from the front fire line as him and his co-workers back burn.

Thank you Chris, I am, and others, are very grateful for what you are doing.

A couple of spots of rain over night but I am not holding my breath for much more which would be ideal.

I walked the dis used state forest road this morning, which is now vehicle impassable so fire trucks from this side would be unable to reach the ridge where NIGHTCAP walking track runs.

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Its not too late?

Greta Thunberg, the young Swedish climate activist, has tapped into a global passion for change from the outdated, exploitative system to a holistic and responsible one (Thunberg tells US Congress: ‘I want you to take real action on climate’, 19 September). The industrial paradigm separates materials from their histories. Forests may have been torn down, lakes polluted, people and animals displaced, but the consumer doesn’t know this. Society has taught us that it is essential to have the latest product and not to question where it came from or who was hurt in the process. The need for change has to be now.

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Sometimes it is hard to know what to do. People have been led by consumerism for so long that it is difficult to see that there is another way, but there are many practical things we can do, such as: don’t fly unless absolutely necessary; eat less meat and dairy; plant a tree; create a garden with shrubs and flowers that will attract wildlife; line-dry clothes; unplug electronic devices; turn lights off when not needed; drive less; grow your own vegetables or eat local produce; don’t buy fast fashion; ask where products have come from.

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What a week……………….bush fire is still burning on my boundary with NIGHT CAP National park.

A lightening strike on Tuesday night is the suspected cause. So far 80 hectares have been scorched, the same size as my block here.

Helicopters continue dumping water for the second day.

I have packed up my papers and photos and have stored them in pipes under my access road. The cage is ready to evacuate the hens.

Valley full of smoke. My nerve pain is still inhibiting my walking which makes it a little difficult to keep checking the progress of the water bombers, I have to climb quite high up to get an overall view.

And headline news at mid day. A suspected bomb was found near the Council Chambers and Commonwealth Bank in Mullumbimby at 7 30 am, about the same time I was due in town but postponed my visit due to the fire emergency here.


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As our valley gets dry and water tankers are moving water to individual residences, I wonder why our so called Green Council has not promoted, educated and supported the installation of water tanks on each house roof.

Newcomers, who are paying high prices are moving in…their city cars are obvious on the pot holed roads. Many then buy earth moving machinery before they learn where their domestic water comes from.

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From the Echo.

Local News | September 13, 2019 | by Paul Bibby AddThis Sharing ButtonsShare to FacebookShare to TwitterShare to Pinterest

EPA investigating death of bowerbirds from toxic pesticide

Paul Bibby

Insecticide poisoning caused the death of 15 satin bowerbirds found at Modanville, near Lismore in recent weeks, investigators have revealed.

A Satin Bowerbird. Source: Wikipedia

Investigations conducted by North Coast Local Land Services have confirmed that the bird deaths were caused by the banned insecticide Fenthion.

The Environment Protection Authority (EPA) is now seeking assistance from members of the public in a bid to determine how the poisoning occurred.

As the responsible regulator for pesticide use, the EPA is exploring the possibility that the birds, which are a protected native species, may have been deliberately targeted.

No other bird species is known to have been impacted.

EPA Manager Regional Operations North Coast Benjamin Lewin said the killing of native birds, whether through intentional or reckless pesticide misuse, was a serious offence.

‘We are encouraging anyone with information on these deaths, or anyone who may have seen some activity that could be related to this illegal baiting, to contact the EPA as soon as possible,’ Mr Lewin said.

Fenthion, which was banned from use in 2014 with a phase out period of one year, is a broad-spectrum organophosphorus insecticide.

It is extremely toxic to birds and substantial penalties exist for its possession and use.

The chemical was widely used in the past for insect control on a broad range of fruit crops and for external parasite control on livestock.

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