RAIN maybe?

A little rain has fallen. Gentle as it washes the ash from the fires into the soil.

Garden looks greener by the minute.

Finger limes abundant..ideal dry weather producer of the most delicious capsule of lime juice. Salads, like cous cous or bulger, become a delicious side dish.




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Laura Tingle.


January 11, 2020

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Sydney Morning Herald.


How are these oafs still in power? That’s the question exercising the country just now. But a deeper one underlies it. Our federal government owes us a duty of care. What should we do if they betray it?

A new landscape ... legally, too. Currarong, on the south coast, turns to night.
A new landscape … legally, too. Currarong, on the south coast, turns to night. Credit:Nick Moir

When ex-Victoria police commissioner Christine Nixon committed the sin of dining with friends on Black Saturday, 2009, she was likened to Nero, fiddling while Rome burned. Her career never recovered. Yet our current political leaders, exponentially more arrogant, are fireproof.

Having intensified this crisis with coal, confounded it with politics, ignored the fire chiefs, dumped us in it then vanished for weeks while Australians became refugees in their own country, they’re are still making silly adverts, forcing unwanted handshakes on dissenting adults and bullying their way around the corridors of power. How do they get away with it?

Is it because they’re shameless? Or Christian? Or men? Is it all of the above? Are they funded by the fossil-fuel lobby fighting to retain control with its last, wheezing gasp?


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Friday 10

10 days into 2020. Yesterday smoke spiraled to my north…………..watched it smolder until it decreased 5 hours later.

Smoke blocked out my back corner which still has a lot to still burn easily. Many rain forest trees are rapidly loosing their leaves.

Uneasy sleep but to hear that we could get rain tomorrow lifted my spirits.

Sorting my library into boxes ready for distribution at market fund raisers. Its a difficult process with some older Penguins I have managed to keep since the 60s and 70s. Some limited editions, all with a memory from when they entered my life.

Light relief from the mexit nonsense in the UK. A family or firm that really needs to look at their own carbon output and excesses I give some credit to the couple in trying to break away from an institution that belongs in a bygone century.

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No moths visible here.


There is a strong scientific consensus that the decline of insects and global biodiversity is a serious threat that must be addressed. Photograph: Rebecca Cole/The Guardian
The world must eradicate pesticide use, prioritise nature-based farming methods and urgently reduce water, light and noise pollution to save plummeting insect populations, according to a new “roadmap to insect recovery” compiled by experts.
The call to action by more than 70 scientists from across the planet advocates immediate action on human stress factors to insects which include habitat loss and fragmentation, the climate crisis, pollution, over-harvesting and invasive species.
Phasing out synthetic pesticides and fertilisers used in industrial farming and aggressive greenhouse gas emission reductions are among a series of urgent “no-regret” solutions to reverse what conservationists have called the “unnoticed insect apocalypse”.

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More photos.

From Tannon.

New life emerging.

Although the fire got to 50 metres above my cabin there is still a lot to burn as the rain forest trees are now dropping their leaves due to lack of water.

Dion surveying the fire’s path.


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Tannon’s photos.

Huge thanks to Tannon and Dion’s visit from Perth. You both let me rave on about the reality of living surrounded by fire, on and of since September, you cooked and prepared super meals with finger limes in cous cous salads and we danced and laughed.




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January 6, 2020 · 3:24 am

Scattering lomandra seed.

With the visit of Tannon and Dion, we ventured up into the fire scarred hectares above my cabin.

I will be posting Tannon’s superb collection of photos soon.

Tannon scattering lomandra see on the fire edge.

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