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Preparing for a hot summer.

Collecting small branches around the cabin, removing leaves from all drains and using them as mulch. Summer fire permits now required on the first day of August. Winter.

99% of NSW is in severe drought.


Tomorrow removal of two trees in readiness for the demountable cabin due on the 27th August.

I have Radio National on in the back ground most of the time I am indoors.  Repeats, repeats, repeats, so if I miss part of a programme I can catch it at a later time.


GazzaFromGrongGrong  From the Guardian Comment section.
It seems there’s always someone
who’ll diss the ABC,
all just because of something
with which they can’t agree.
The Libs would like to flog it
to help the Murdochs rule,
while others just like whingeing
like little kids in school.
And me? I’d rather trust it
than Seven, Ten or Nine,
for, biased by big money,
each runs the boss’s line.
Our Auntie gives good service
and does its level best,
though hampered by restrictions,
politically stressed,
so heed the Adams warning,
resist the rise of fluff,
the dumbing down of content…
it’s time to cry: “Enough!”
Let’s value what it offers,
and if you’d like some more,
then agitate for funding —
that’s what your vote is for!


And this…..https://www.theguardian.com/world/2018/aug/01/crowds-trample-canada-sunflower-farm


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Ockhams Razor and more from Radio National, ABC. radio.

Well worth a listen and the real threat of phyllids which is wiping 1000s of citrus trees through-out the world.

Botanist and writer Professor David Mabberley takes us through the remarkable and little known history of citrus fruit. This is not just about oranges, but all other types of citrus: tracking how they grow, where they grow and how they originated and why they’re good for us.

Following I listened to Back-ground briefing, on the bunker fuel cruise liners burn while anchored in port in Sydney. Pollution, equivalent to 1000s of vehicle emission’s pour into the air through heavily populated areas. Programme emphasises how impotent the EPA is.


And for the public good. 900 lobbyists in Canberra, 30 for each cabinet ministers and who mainly come from business.

Achieving happiness through science
Is science the enemy of myth and magic?
All well worth listening to again through-out the next week.

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Read more at ABC on-line.

 A WWF report says the herbicide Diuron has been found at 55 times its considered safe levels in creeks that drain into the reef, and as much as 100 times safe levels in the reef itself. It says widespread use of the chemical is endangering the Great Barrier Reef. The use of Diuron has been suspended this wet season and the pesticides regulator is due to make a ruling on its future use this week. Audio: Herbicide at dangerous levels in reef (AM) In its latest outlook, the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park Authority lists the declining quality of water in catchment areas as one of the biggest threats to the reef, and green groups fear the ban will be lifted. But sugar cane growers, who are the major users of Diuron near the reef, say it is essential to their operations, and have accused green groups of scaremongering. WWF freshwater and reef coordinator Nick Heath says the report shows Diuron is unmanageable when used near the reef. Mr Heath says the herbicide’s widespread use and long half-life – as much as 500 days – make it a threat. “Just to sort of explain how toxic this stuff is, just one gram in four olympic-sized swimming pools is enough to damage sea grass,” he said. “One of the most sensitive sea grasses is the preferred food source for turtles and dugongs.” Just one gram [of Diuron] in four olympic-sized swimming pools is enough to damage sea grass. WWF freshwater and reef coordinator Nick Heath Diuron is being found up to 60 kilometres from shore inside the World Heritage Area of the Great Barrier Reef at concentrations harmful to coral, and has been found to be representing about 80 per cent of all of the herbicide load in the reef.

Sourced from ABC online.

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