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Slovenia’s Rapid Bee Response.

Bees in my garden.


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Finally for the bees.


I’m writing quickly to let you know some breaking news: WE WON! The EU neonics ban just passed.

A majority of European governments voted in favour of the European Commission’s proposal.

This is a massive win for the bees — and you and SumOfUs members around the world have helped make this happen. Thank you so much for your incredible support!

I’ll be in touch in the coming days with a more detailed report back.

In the meantime, let’s celebrate!


Sunday afternoon…………….showers outside which means the leeches are on the seek when in the gardens.

So baking rice pudding and rhubarb. And enjoying music. Visitors for dinner.

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Turmeric and Bees.

Turmeric in abundance as I continue digging. It is so prolific with some plants producing 3 kilos or more.


Earliest records of turmeric comes from Assyria in 600BC. In the middle Ages it was known in Europe as Indian Saffron and was mainly used as a dye. It is native to Southern Asia.

The rhizomes ( above) are carefully dug up and cleaned of the soil.  Then boiled for 3 hours over a very slow heat. After boiling they are cured in the sun for a few days.  Ground down then into a powder. I use it sparingly in my stir fries.





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Road-side weeding plus.

Saturday morning saw 3 of us weeding along the side of the road. Another 2 efforts should see the jumpseed removed before flowering and setting seed. A satisfying effort and enjoyable working along-side others. Dense regrowth of many plants, from camphor to sand paper figs. We are only concentrating on the one plant, previously sprayed with herbicides.

Irresponsible herbicide use shown in the following photograph, taken last Friday on the corner of Left Bank Road and Tristan Parade.

Irony in the wording on this sign when land-care are poisoning coral trees along the water catchment creek along Upper Wilson Creek Road.

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In the distance a Goshawk and crows.

Watched 2 crows ambushing a grey Goshawk. The Goshawk defended itself until the crows chased it out of their territory.



Busy garden day working alongside the very busy bees and hover flies. A wallaby has taken up refuge in the out-side gardens. It is suffering from a incrusted skin infection. Although it doesn’t look under fed its movements are slow. Yearly, there are a couple of wallabies that come down to the garden to die naturally but this one is different because it doesn’t look enfeebled.

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More on Bees.


Tree snake waiting for food after a week of constant rain.


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Local events.

Town day yesterday. Made a reservation for the Santos Gourmet Organic dinner, a shared table with the growers within a 100 miles.  It is starting at 6.30 on saturday 20th. Looking forward to it.    To see some of the recipes or choices view the chefs site. http://www.organicpassioncatering.com/   

This gallery is worth viewing. http://www.guardian.co.uk/environment/gallery/2012/oct/18/veolia-environnement-wildlife-photographer-2012-in-pictures

There is a lot happening in town so it is a shame I am not closer but a one off event like the dinner will be just what I need.

Bee work-shop.

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