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Peppermint ( mint. piperita ) grows well anywhere here and has to be contained by a serious slash and removal after each season. I now use it in an infusion following a wwoofer who stayed here earlier this year. He made a strong tea each day and sipped it before sleep. I had always thought it was more of a stimulant  and  ideal for upset stomach but it worked well as carminative.


An ideal companion for the cabbage family as it deters the white cabbage butterfly. I hope to try distilling it for its valuable oil. A deterrent to house mice.

Another successful day in follow up work in the third work zone in my regeneration project. Really is the most beautiful time of the year with the flush of new leaf growth on some of the emerging trees.



I hand removed lantana from this site ( below) in 1996.




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Seedlings emerging.

A week-end which has seen 84 mls of rain fall here.

Photos below are the seedlings emerging through the lantana mulch. The seeds were scattered by pupils in Grade 5 from the Mullumbimby Steiner School when they visited during an open day.


This is the site where the seedlings are popping up. This morning I counted 11 different rain-forest species emerging from beneath the lantana mulch.

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