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Opportunity. January 9.

I am looking for a couple (or single ) environmental and committed to organic gardening (income possible from the large gardens )  to come and live here for 3 months while I take a much needed break. Costs only will be required with the signing of a charter which will state responsibilities. The hen-house is a daily committment with the hens allowed to free-range after 11 am until roost time at sun-set. Vehicle a must.

to find out more-  chem.free.regen@gmail.com

Check this blog to get an idea of what this  valley is like.




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Sunday Afternoon walk.


feasting hover fly
Blood vine
red cedar seed dispenser

dead sally wattle hosting a recycling village

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Down-pours and humidity

Buckets of water fell from the sky last night, gutters overflowed and the out-side buckets filled to the brim. All with-in 10 minutes then it was all over. Bush Telegraph, on Radio National, this morning told us that Australia has just experienced its wettest year since 1956, the difference being this year was that the overall temperature  did not drop as it has in the past. To the climate sceptics, who say there stands  the proof that rapid climate change is not happening, to them they are wrong. Simply because the warmest years ever recorded are upon us now.

On a lighter note. A couple more committed people have presented to speak at our Organic Bush Regeneration meeting to be held at the local hall soon. Both passionate and very active in chemical free bush regeneration and the techniques they use.

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