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Photos taken by Tannon.


The snake had been resting in this spot for a week before my visitors arrived. Both Dion and Tannon were not fazed at having to step over it every morning.

But on the third morning the snake pooped and weeed right in the corner of the door to then leave in disgust at having all of us stomping around.

It reappeared yesterday but as more visitors are due I will myself remove it to the gardens.

Too late some say so just keep digging and cutting down or poisoning.


And more hot air from Davos.



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Spring jumps into summer in one day.

Third carpet snake arrives and takes a drink on the first 30 degree day of the season.

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Happy Birthday KD.

Warm days and nights have brought the frogs out leaving clusters of spawn. The carpet snake below is partially shedding bits of its skin. Unusual and with the snake appearing thin, I wonder if its unwell.


Last of the turmeric and ginger harvest is on its way to a destination south. An incredible harvest from one turmeric planted 10 years ago. From it this year alone has seen 500 kilos sold.



Happy Birthday Brother Kevin.


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Beautiful days.

This carpet snake has been stretching out in the sun on the deck for the last 10 days. Yesterday, it dragged itself back up after feasting over night. I have no idea yet what it swallowed but as there was a lone joey, without its Mother, staying close to the cabin I have a feeling it might have been the feast.




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Saturday 16.

Early start after a late night. 7 am start with Jayne and Tim, in a 3 hour seek, scamper and sliding down slopes, in our latest attempt to remove the flowering jump seed.

I think by the weight of the bag we removed, 80 kilos was up rooted.

Roadside mowing machine is heading our way and it was paramount we remove as much as we saw before the seeds are scattered. All at the end of flowering now so seeds not mature yet.

Great morning and a satisfying effort. 8 Saturday mornings, Jayne and I, with Tim joining us later, with Robyn picking up and taking the jumpseed to the tip.


A verandah guest has arrived. Curled around the antechinuses down ward pole from the ceiling, we danced around it last night. This morning, when we returned from work, it was happily stretched out. It is thin but its colours are stuning. A scar from an injury, barbed wire, a whipper snipper perhaps, is visible along its body.

stretching-in-the-sun Click on image to enlarge.



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Thursday and rain.

Started early but heavy rain sorted out my garden work. Snakes on the move and bower birds ripping the outside leaves of the cabbages. Luckily they leave the hearts for my kitchen.


Luncheon ahead for 2 guests. We will probably need a siesta, like the snake below, 4 days after swallowing.


My campaign launch………………..please distribute to people………. who just might like to  support workers, to plant trees after the hard labour of slash, pull and mulching lantana…………………. instead of poisoning with herbicides.




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Another emerging forest.

This morning I weeded and slashed emerging Scotch thistle which were surrounding young red and white cedar trees. Amazing growth in the last 6 months and in the photo below, the emerging trees you can see were barely a metre high back then. I think sometimes this growth is too fast but with changing climatic conditions perhaps it is a symptom of global warming with the increased CO2 in the atmosphere.



Waiting under the veranda.




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A quiet and enjoyable week-end with spring bringing the birds, snakes and a koala to the gardens.
The wood-stove carpet snake has been joined by another. They spend the morning together and then move back into the discarded stove. Other carpet snakes are nearby so it is mating season which could mean some spectacular displays between the competing males.

Monsanto may have just met its match: Beekeepers.

Monsanto has been lobbying the Mexican government to approve genetically engineered crops and bee-killing pesticides in the Yucatan, one of the biggest honey producing regions in the world.

With honeybees already dying in massive numbers due to the overuse of pesticides, this could be the final nail in the coffin for Mexico’s bees.

But the beekeepers are fighting back and just scored a major legal victory over Monsanto and its bee-killing pesticides. Now we need to build on their victory, and take this inspiring fight against Monsanto global.

Monsanto’s annual shareholder meeting is the perfect opportunity to demand it stops pushing its bee-killing pesticides.
Read more at SumOfUs.org

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A white cockatoo has taking a bite out of the all the remaining lemons left on the tree.


The carpet snake living in the disused wood stove preparing to shed its skin.

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Ms Minnie no longer with us.

After the long, grey and extremely humid Friday, Ms Minnie didn’t come to the fly screen to remind me it was near her dinner time. Misty dampness filled the air as I went to find her.
Checked my verandah bed-room where she has been laying her weekly egg on my pillow, not there. Garden shed, then to her favourite scratching and dusting bathing spots. Getting dark now and the first of the very welcome drizzle of rain started.

By this time I was beginning to accept she had been a snatch for a dinner.

Then, I almost tripped over the bulge.


I have been aware that this could happen and when the other two old hens were taking along time to die I had hoped the snakes would end it for them. But no such balance. The carpet snake preferred a healthier hen and it was Ms Minnie. She loved to scratch where the snake was waiting.

I am missing her. A refugee from the next valley I think she has been living with me here for 5 years or more. Independent, she was forced to be a loner when my other red and black hens rejected her. But she survived and became No 1 hen when Horatio, the Australorp Black rooster died.



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