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Carpet Snake

For a year a very thin carpet snake has lived amongst the pineapples. Every sunny day it would stretch in the sun but never seemed to find anything to swallow.  5 weeks ago,  a much darker and healthy carpet snake, pictured below, arrived and would stretch in the morning winter sun alongside the thin permanent resident. Last week the thin snake disappeared. I thought at first it had died but couldn’t find its body. Then I spied the recent arrival coiled up looking a little rounded. I had no idea this might happen.




4 days later another larger snake appeared. The invader to the left.


Escaping the new comer.


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Love in.


This morning one of the three had found a meal. A bush turkey I suspect. All my hens are here.

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Theatre in the back-yard.

Spectacular to watch, elegant and brutal at the same time.


Two males. The thinner one of the two drove off the larger one after a three hour battle. They crash each other to the ground with a thud as they hiss.

Worth listening to or reading…. http://www.abc.net.au/radionational/programs/bushtelegraph/wildlife-wars/5765242

Glyphosate in our creeks are contributing to our local fauna decline.

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