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Where is the time going?

Its Saturday again and still humid and uncomfortable. Saturday town day for me too which was a change to my usual routine.

WWOOFERS. Simon and Nana.

Arriving on Wednesday  with Andy, an ex chef from Perth whom picked the 2 hitch hikers up. A tour of the garden pleased the chef, his Mum being an organic gardener, while Nana and Simone picked tomatoes.

Preparing dinner.



And to the great excitement of my visitors when stumpy tail, below photo, had to be removed from the hen house.


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Wow, a whirlwind of media coverage on the damage glyphosate (Round-up) is possibly doing. Those of us who have been exposed and watching the effects of the local poisoning, know from close observation, it is a destroyer of a lot more than the target plant. Argument  aired last night that steam weeding and other means of removing unwanted plants, is more expensive in dollar terms, does not take into account the very real actual cost the invisible damage the herbicide does. Think of contaminated water for a start. Think of the spray drift, particularly on food we eat.  Also revealed was the million dollars the chemical company provides to the Pesticide regulator here in Australia.


Example below of irresponsible spraying along Left Bank Road, Mullumbimby.

I am a resident of the Gold Coast and am concerned with the well being of our country when it comes to toxins found in our food and environment, I am writing you this email to ask you for any kind of support or help that you can give me regarding this important matter and my petition https://www.communityrun.org/petitions/bunnings-warehouse-please-ban-cancer-causing-glyphosate-weed-killers.

As you may be aware, the WHO IARC recently classified glyphosate as a 2A class carcinogen and many countries as well as gardening retailers have decided to ban this hazardous product.

So far, nothing has been done in our country despite all this information supported by countless experts in the field.

Having said that, a lot have been achieved theses last few years by organisations such as Sumofus, Change.org and their Communityrun and many other in many fields of action.

I have therefore created a petition on communityrun.org

Roundup Fact Sheet

Photographed in our local Mitre 10 hardware.


Now for some positive news. recent European studies are finding net positive health out-comes for those of us who endeavor to support and consume Certified organic food.




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Garden catch-up.

Pruning mainly, scraggly over hangs. Excellent garden morning. Hour stints during which a variety of surprises were found. Parsnip’s flowering, really happy about fresh seed  that should follow.  Pumpkins and courgettes, pumping up,  growing so fast its as if its a race between each other plant. Avocadoes doing very well with most fruit low hanging therefore easy to harvest. Butterflies, a large black and white beauty darting, with great precision, through the citrus trees and with such a speed it would be great to film. It reached heights of the second canopy of border trees, inspecting it seemed for nectar. Finally it came back down to garden level and settled on this courgette flower. Try photographing , impossible for me.


Near the site where the male koala came to die this time last year, this beautiful little rock stand Dean put together. For me it is a rock of peace.  Like a sleeping teddy bear.


Delighted to pick up in Denise’s fantastic book shop in town, my next book.  See pic below.

Occupied at the moment with Drusilla Modjeska”s    THE MOUNTAIN………………. New Guinea, a deeper insight than I bargained for. I have the Times Atlas out too on New Guinea’s map.

Also picked up yesterday at St Vinnie’s Op shop, Paul Auster’s,  WINTER JOURNAL. Got straight into the first 2o pages waiting for my ride. Can’t put it down.

For the next rain days.  I have been looking forward to getting this copy. His interview I heard was compelling and positive.


Table cloth is one of our organic fair day banners, weathered I resurfaced it this Christmas as a table cloth with guests colouring in and adding.


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A very busy week people ways but made complete with sunny clear days. Preparing for a long hot dry period, which is predicted. Clearing dry fallen branches around the building and composting dry foliage. Mulching the garden and clearing over hanging branches.

The 2 rescues enjoying a dust bath.

Preparing for a period with-out rain.

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Best of Friends.


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July 11, 2015 · 8:35 pm

Winter Garden.

In-between showers, enjoying working in the gardens. Finding a lone avocado on the tree, then the lemons and limes and oranges with the last of the tamarillos. Yacons, sweet potato and yams plentiful. And the ginger, still flowering, plump and sweet.


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28th-may Friday already and the  end of a very busy week. Gardens mulched, seeds planted, transplanted self sown seedlings through-out with 2 days of lantana follow -up near Night-Cap. Super visitors from Perth, WA. which enlivened the week socially.garden-pineapples red-cabbage

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Wednesday 6.

Time is rushing by and with the cooler weather, its an ideal time to work longer hours in the gardens and clear up following the week-end storm. Pumpkins by the score and although watery when baked, they are sweeter than I thought they would be. Ideal in soup.
I baked on high heat until brown….. Sauté onions, ginger and garlic chives in oil or butter…. add the baked pumpkin with enough vegetable stock to just cover the pumpkin…. Bring to a boil for 2 minutes…… Puree and serve.


After hauling branches for two days, clearing my access, I was ready for Carmi’s visit. We watched Dallas Buyers Club on DVD. Acting was incredibly real, from the doctors to the main characters, especially Jared Leno. It brought back many memories for me and for Carmi. We have both nursed close friends.

Carmi makes me laugh and we laughed most of her 2 day visit. From her work in a Children’s Ward, from which comes a heart wrenching reality. The expectations expected from nurses on the front-line and the many aspects of their work general hospital auditors have no idea of.

That’s why we enjoy a bottle of wine or two.

We ended the night dancing to Emile Sander and Pink.

We took selfies too.

And while having lunch this beautiful antechinus watched us from above.

While sex took place on the vase next to us.

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Organic schools leading into the future.

Did you know Australian Organic Schools now has over 100,000 students using it?

It’s been an incredible start to the school year for one of Australia’s most loved school garden programs.

Australian Organic Schools launched a new website late last year which required participants to reregister to continue using it.

You’re receiving this email because you have been a valued participant, so if you’ve forgotten to reregister, you can do so here. The program is free and aligned with the Australian Curriculum.

If you’ve already reregistered, that’s great and we hope the program is making it easy for you to integrate sustainability and food into the curriculum.

About Australian Organic Schools

The program is run by not for profit group Australian Organic. The company’s Joanne Barber says, “The initiative began five years ago from very humble beginnings so it’s great to see it grow into what it is now.

Interesting blog below. I remember my child-hood family garden was all about weeds and removing them. That hasn’t changed greatly for me in the garden here. If a carrot is growing I will weed around it but always leave the pulled plant, roots exposed to the sun, as mulch.



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Cabbage for lunch.


This is Marilyn. This afternoon a couple of additions to the hen house when two unwanted pullets are coming. There will be chaos for a few days.


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August 31, 2014 · 12:04 am