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The sun has returned.

Rain meant my turmeric curing strategy in the sun was delayed. 200 kilos harvested with half dried. Today, Sunday, the sun is back and the deck is covered with drying turmeric.

 Grant scrubbing the turmeric.




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Turmeric.As the harvest begins here  it is worth refreshing why turmeric is held in high regard in India.

Turmeric is one of the most traditional and versatile of spices used in Indian cooking. Its used prolifically in a host of Indian dishes ranging from starters, lentils, beans and vegetables. It has been used for centuries as a curative and cleansing agent. Since early times, it has been associated with purification so that even today, an Indian bride and groom are ritually anointed with turmeric as part of a cleansing ceremony.

Turmeric paste is used as a quick household antiseptic for minor burns and wounds. Also used to sooth inflamed sinuses and is said to help purify the blood.

Turmeric, boiled with milk, sooths an irritating cough. Mixed with water it is used as a skin cleanser.

Turmeric is considered sacred by Hindus.

On festive days, Hindu women apply an auspicious dot of red powder ( Sindoor) on their forehead and one of turmeric on each other’s foreheads as a mark of respect, friendship and goodwill.

Turmeric is an excellent preservative and is used extensively in pickles. I add it, grated,  in the hot oil for stir fry, before I place in my other ingredients.




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Back in the swing.

Work day with Stephen. We uncovered 20 red cedar seedlings beneath mist plants a plant that almost sits on the soil.  Ready for transplant into the site, pictured below, we slashed and mulched this morning.

Good work-out. Learning to relax my shoulders while using the brush hook. Sweat too as it is soon very warm when physically active.

A pleasant walk back from the work-site, through canopy high rain forest. Red cedar and wikeas sprouting everywhere.

Then a hearty lunch.

2 hours in the garden followed a leisurely lunch.

Harvesting rampant turmeric and galangal. Abundant ginger too.

The photo below is of a sweet potato runner passes through a ginger plant.

And returning from the turmeric garden another view looking south.

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