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Another country wants to protect its workers and ecology.

Perhaps we will be the last country to ban glyphosate, but we will get there.

Brazil’s federal public prosecutor has requested that the Justice Department immediately suspend use of glyphosate, which is the most widely used herbicide in the country and a primary element of Monsanto’s Roundup herbicide brand.

Also, according to reports in Brazilian media, the prosecutor is seeking a challenge to ban other potentially harmful chemicals as well.

Chemical Free bush regenerators needed for a few hours a week during our winter working season. More local land-holders are looking for part-time workers.

Contact me at chemfreeregen@gmail.com

Because our media neglects to report anything other than economic “progress ” out of China, have a look at this article from Vice.

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Spring shower would be welcome.

in-memory-of-the-hard-labour--lives-of-the-early-wood-cutters.Chris, from Mt Macedon in Victoria, visited this morning for a 90 minute walk/climb to the present lantana line where we work. Beautiful morning with a cool breeze. Walked through different re-growth areas, teenage red, white and pencil cedar forests. Viewed fungi’s and ferns. Re-growth around the dead stumps of past woodcutter’s harvest. Still stately and solid, scars from the axe and saw are still visible on the stumps. Long view, saw die off on the eastern side of Night-Cap track. Visible if closely viewed in the ridge photo posted. I suspect brush growth thrived during the long period of rain, now we are into our 4th week with-out significant rain shallow rooted plants are dying.


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