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Christmas fair. Saturday, 24th November. 10 am to 2pm.

Christmas Fair at Wilson Creek Hall, the annual fund raiser for the hall’s continuation.

Saturday, 24th November. From 10 am to 2 pm.

Due to the variable season I have less vegetables and herbs available.  But I baked 2 Christmas Cakes which didn’t turn out as well as I expected.




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Friday before Saturday Fair Day.

Cooler morning which will make harvesting easier. Setting up the hall with tables after mid-day.

Resting after laying their eggs.

Congratulations to Brunswick Chemical Free Land-care for the State award they received. I hope their presence at the market tomorrow will benefit our valley as the discredited with some, local land-care, increase their poisoning. Irony too when a bio-diversity officer from Council wants to apply herbicides near where he lives in Huonbrook. Doesn’t he know Council is now working towards being herbicide free ?

This beautiful gully I cleared by hand of privet, groundsel and lantana 15 years ago. With the tough privet and groundsel, I chopped them to ground level and followed up with the snipping of any new sprouting. Best way to regenerate because by doing the follow up I was able to see what was actually happening at soil level.

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Storm gave 16 mls of rain.

Lots of rumbling, flashes of lightening and 16 mls of very welcome rain. The odd gust of strong wind brought to mind the horrific typhoon the Philippines have just experienced.


Opportunity to bake a cake. Baked 2 which will be posted off as early Christmas gifts. Now for the 12 I will be making for our Dec 7 Christmas Fair at Wilson Creek Community Hall.


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Successful market.

Great morning market with a couple of questions on Organics and how to get started.  A new participant in selling seedlings and the Christmas Fair on the 15th December is now fully booked. My limited produce all sold by 11 am.

Roundup (also sold as Touchdown Total) is lethal to gray treefrog and leopard frog tadpoles, and most likely a host of other as yet untested frog species. Roundup is one of the most commonly applied herbicides in the USA; it’s produced by Monsanto, the same folks who gave us Agent Orange. Over half of the DNA found in frogs is also found in humans, so if these pesticides kill frogs, imagine what they do to us! Is Roundup even good for crops? A team of USDA researchers reported that glyphosate (the active ingredient in Roundup) may actually be causing fungal root disease in “Roundup-ready” corn and soybeans. Glyphosate is used worldwide, as can be seen on this billboard photographed in downtown Kumasi, Ghana. Health Canada, the Federal department responsible for helping Canadians maintain and improve their health, was ordered in November 2011 to examine the effect of Roundup on amphibians.

From Pan USA.

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