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Showers and cooler at 24 degrees.

Cicada’s are deafening as they have emerged from the earth. Their exit holes are visible around the edges of the gardens. Some mornings I have had to put ear plugs in yet the shrill pitch still disturbs. The male cicada is the shrill one with the females silent.

Beautiful creatures with their nymphal skins discarded on the ground or tree trunk.


Davidson plums. Abundant setting of fruit.

With the continuing showers, ideal transplanting conditions for the mulched lantana slashed sites. Red cedar seedlings in cluster I transplant the stronger ones into the lantana mulch. Blue figs, germinated in the gardens, I replant on the edges of the stream. Slippery work.


Cavendish in the garden here.


And to learn this week tree clearing has increased massively in Queensland .


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