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The Australian Green Charter. With inserts from today’s news.

We live at a crucial time in history. Never before have we had so many answers to the problems that have dogged our developing world. Solutions now exist that could greatly decrease the poverty; hunger and ill-health of our fellow humans and we now have technologies to reduce and repair much of the ecological damage to our planet.

Clean air; clean water and ecological sustainability are possible. Yet this is not being achieved. World-wide; governments lack the political will to make the necessary adjustments that will bring an end to the conflict; pollution; poor health and social inequity that characterise our time.

The Greens have evolved in this climate to show a new way forward. A Green response to the ecological crisis proceeds on the basis of a respect for all life; both human and non-human. We recognise the mutual interdependence between humanity and the rest of nature and we seek to move toward an ecologically sustainable path.


We seek to eradicate poverty; oppression and discrimination and to build a society underpinned by values of participatory democracy; social justice; and the respect for cultural and ecological diversity. We aim to transform the political; social and economic structures that disempower and oppress people and to develop a rich; participatory cultural life that enables the flourishing of new democratic movements for progressive change.

We believe that contesting elections is a necessary step toward the building of an ecologically sustainable and socially just society; but that it is by no means the only step. We seek to encourage and facilitate grassroots movements and community initiatives that are working towards ecological responsibility; social justice; affirmative action and global equity. We seek to avoid parochialism and to cultivate a global; ecological consciousness and a long-term perspective in order to safeguard the interests of both existing and future generations and nonhuman species. We believe Australia should play an active role in building a more co-operative world that is capable of addressing the glaring disparities in energy and resource consumption and quality of life between rich and poor. We aim to extend recognition and assistance to progressive social movements in other countries and to international institutions that are working toward these ends.

Reflecting an awareness of the interrelatedness of all ecological; social and economic processes the general principles of The Greens are:

To ensure that human activity respects the integrity of ecosystems and does not impair biodiversity and ecological resilience of life-supporting systems.


To encourage the development of a consciousness that respects the value of all life.
To increase opportunities for public participation in political; social and economic decision making.
To break down inequalities of wealth and power which inhibit participatory democracy.
Social justice
To eradicate poverty by developing initiatives that address the causes as well as the symptoms of poverty.
To provide affirmative action to eliminate discrimination based on gender; age; race; ethnicity; class; religion; disability; sexuality; or membership of a minority group.
To introduce measures that redress the imbalance of wealth between rich and poor.
To adopt and promote the nonviolent resolution of conflict.
To develop an independent; nonaligned foreign policy and a non-nuclear; defensive; self-reliant defence policy.
An ecologically sustainable economy
To develop economic policies that will ensure greater resource and energy efficiency and development and use of environmentally sustainable technologies.
To reduce dependence on non-renewable resources and ensure sustainable use of renewable resources.
To adopt more comprehensive social; environmental and technology assessment practices.
To facilitate socially and ecologically responsible investment.
Meaningful Work
To encourage; develop and assist work that is safe; fairly paid; socially useful; personally fulfilling and not harmful to the environment.
To encourage and facilitate more flexible work arrangements (such as job sharing, part-time work, self-employment); on-going education; training and social welfare (including child-care) so that more people can engage in meaningful work.
To respect and protect ethnic; religious; racial diversity.
To recognise the cultural requirements of the original Australians and to assist in ensuring the achievement of Aboriginal land rights and self- determination.
To facilitate a free flow of information between citizens and all tiers of government..
To ensure that Australians have the benefit of a locally responsible; diverse; democratically controlled and independent mass media.
Global responsibility
To promote equity between nations and peoples by:

facilitating fair trading relationships.
providing for increased development assistance and concerted international action to abolish Third World Debt
providing increased green technology transfer and skills to developing countries
opposing human rights abuses and political oppression
ensuring that Australia plays an active role in promoting peace and ecological sustainability.
Long-term future focus
To avoid action which might risk long-term or irreversible damage to the environment.
To safeguard the planet’s ecological resources and values on behalf of future generations.


So why are we not hearing anything from the local Greens on the mass poisoning of the camphor and Coral trees in our Shire?

Pesticide Action Network – UK
11 hrs · February 2018
Great initiative launched by Pesticide Safe Bristol Alliance (PSBA), a campaign supported by local environment and food groups.

They are asking gardeners in Bristol who keep weeds at bay without toxic chemicals to “Take the pledge: declare your outdoor space pesticide-free”.

The world’s best-selling weed killer, glyphosate, is being banned by cities right across France due to concerns around its links to cancer, and by local authorities in Glastonbury and Hammersmith. Despite promising to “stop using harmful pesticides” in 2016, Bristol City Council continues to apply glyphosate without warning in streets, housing estates and other public spaces.

The PSBA is calling on householders to lead the way. Whether you have a garden, allotment or just a driveway, take the pledge and declare your outdoor space a pesticide free zone. Pledgers will be provided with resources on alternative weed control techniques, and how to safely dispose of pesticides.

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Still no rain.

A week of extreme heat for this time of the year………..tipped 36 degrees on Thursday, made more tense with a strong wind.

I spent the hot day processing coffee beans.


Lessons here for the Australian greens.




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As we view the anger of the weather in the Caribbean and Florida, its just a question of what region is next. While our sun is shining and already we are seeing signs of drought in our Shire, it is always about adaptation when a crunch comes.



So early start in the gardens where I had to chase out a swamp wallaby and a pademelon who had enjoyed feasting on what greenery is still flourishing. Fennel and parsnips seem to be their preference with both munched to the ground. They have learnt how to jump the fence.

Early start in the rain forest where I enjoyed 2 hours of slashing and layering remnant lantana plants. Had the rare glimpse of a Albert Lyre bird as it scurried to seek cover from me.

Unusual this time of the year to this  Lesueur’s frog in the bath.

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Mullumbimby Civic Hall tonight. 7th October.


With Australia being chided now from governments all over the world, on our lack of positive action on climate change, this locally made film highlights the herbicide use on most of our grown food. With glyphosate (round-up ) now falling into a carcinogen probable category,  we are still seeing it in wide spread use in this so called green shire.

The FTA, signed yesterday, on our behalf, which no-one outside of the government has seen any detail of, doesn’t bode well for ordinary environmental activists.  This is not democracy Mr Turnbull.



Our jump-seed herbicide free removal from the edges of Huonbrook Road, is resuming follow-up weeding in the coming weeks. Want to volunteer ? to show by example we do not need or want herbicides spraying near drains, creeks, gardens and our remaining wild-life.


Contact me at chemfreeregen@gmail.com

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Out of step Government.

Findings from the Climate Institute research include:

Australians are concerned that the seriousness of climate change is underestimated by the government (59% agree, 32% strongly agreeing, 16% disagree).
63% think the Abbott government should take climate change more seriously, up six points from 2014.
71% of Australians agree “it is inevitable that Australia’s current coal-fired generation will need to be replaced” (13% neutral, 5% disagree, 11% don’t know).
72% agree governments need to implement a plan to ensure the orderly closure of old coal plants and their replacement with clean energy (7% disagree and 14% neutral).
65% agree that “reducing the investment in windfarms and householder solar power is the opposite of what is needed” (39% strongly agree,11% disagree).
Solar is the most preferred energy source: when presented with eight sources, 84% of respondents place solar energy within their top three preferred options. This is up 2 points from 2014. Wind energy is the second most preferred option, with 69% supporting it in their preferred energy mix. Coal and nuclear are least preferred with only a 13% backing each as a top three choice.
From the Australian Guardian.


More pressure could be applied to our Byron Shire Council and the local land-care groups on the amount of herbicide that is still being applied through-out-on drain and creek banks and road edges ect.
FRENCH Ecology Minister Segolene Royal announced Sunday a ban on the sale of popular weedkiller Roundup from garden centres, which the UN has warned may be carcinogenic.

We should not want everything to be subject to our will, but to good sense.

— Kalamunda Shire is reviewing its use of glyphosate in the wake of the World Health Organisation’s International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC) labelling the pesticide as “probably carcinogenic to humans.” Shire chief executive officer Rhonda Hardy said the shire used 1400 litres of the chemical, commonly marketed as Roundup, each year on shire-owned buildings, gardens, road reserves and fire breaks. “In light of the recent developments the shire is pursuing further information from state and federal governments regarding the potential future use of this substance and any associated risks,” she said. The City of Swan and Shire of Mundaring said it was guided by the Australian Pesticides and Veterinary Medicines Authority (APVMA) that states the label instructions on all glyphosate products, when followed, provided adequate protection for users. Shire of Mundaring acting CEO Paul O’Connor said the shire regularly reviewed the use of all chemicals used within the shire, including glyphosate. “The shire is committed to ensuring the health and safety of our community, employees and contractors,” he said. “Should the advice regarding the use of glyphosate change, the shire will liaise with the Department of Health in regards to the appropriate action.” City of Swan CEO Mike Foley said the city used 10,000 litres of glyphosate per annum. “The city reviews all chemicals to ensure that the best and most appropriate product is being used in targeting weed species,” he said. Mr Foley said other methods of weed control were less effective. “Generally the city uses mulch in all landscapes, however mulched areas still need to be sprayed,” he said. “The city did trial natural weed control methods, such as steam, however this was not effective practically or financially sustainable.”


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140 mls of rain has put to rest my visit to Brisbane today. Very welcome though. Causeway under rushing water so vehicle access is impossible.
Frogs are calling, lorikeets are feeding on nectar and bush turkeys want to join the hens in the hen house.

And a Pope stating the obvious.
A challenge to Hilary Clinton.
ELIZABETH Warren. http://elizabethwarren.com/issues/energy-and-the-environment

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Spring weather already ?????

It is like our spring has come early or late this year in 2014, electrical storms, quick and heavy down-pours and inhibiting humidity. But Saturday ( Earth Hour day ) was sunny and a perfect opportunity to get the washing dry, tomato vines pulled up in the garden and a score of other smaller chores undertaken. The very heavy rain flattened taller plants in the garden with any seeding vegetable collapsing.It was a day when birds appeared to be preparing for something, swallows building a mud nest, spangled drongos (usually not seen here after summer ) chasing flying insects for food along with busy and noisy bower birds. Wompoo pigeons flying across to the fig trees. At night the fluro fungi’s radiated their blue neon light and the glow-worms intense green spec illuminated the banks of the drive-way and creek edges. An enchanting night of exploring.

Earth Hour saw the cities turn their lights down for an hour. I wonder what on-going impact this has but the candle light out-side Parliament in Canberra, high-lighting the demise of the Great Barrier Reef, was reported. Shame those we have elected weren’t there.
The UN report on the environment comes out today. It will have little impact on Canberra.
Walking through a regenerated section of the rain forest I watched this thornbill, (correct me if I have got the ID wrong), darting along the forest floor.

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