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Damp, humid and showers.

With the continuing rain there is an explosion of fungi’s. I think this one is Amanita ananiceps.

Below is a fallen fig tree 5 years on.

With the cotton plant disappearing in the valley, due to spraying, the monarch butterfly is loosing its food source. New comers into the valley are spraying herbicides to do their mowing. Another phone call informed me that lantana is to be sprayed to a creeks edge from which 5 domestic dwellings source their water. ( I would like to see compulsory water collection from all roof spaces).

A phone call to Byron Shire Council informed the caller that Council has a herbicide free policy ???? Has anyone told land-care ( scare) and their hapless workers?


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Short but very sweet.

Short but sweet. The sun warmed every-ones spirits on saturday but sunday the rain returned. The Council road into here is impossible to pass 4 ks from here so I have walked back in with supplies to see me satisfied for the next possible period of more rain. Good walking out though. I can see exactly where the road is in danger of slipping completely and what we should be doing with some good old fashioned real human labour. Irony too, all the so called mis-placed plants like privet and bana grass are all still standing up-right and preventing more slips occurring. Time we started to live and use these same plants that some people poison. Its not 1788, its 2013 and climate variation as we have never recorded it is now a reality.

This beautiful yappie was on the road this morning. When approached to remove it from any on coming vehicle, it raised up in all its glory to defend itself. A treat to see and I hope it doesn’t end up on someones plate.


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Environment Defenders Office


Under threat from the State Government. This office has been at the forefront of assisting individuals and community groups defend local environmental attacks. As we have seen here in Byron Shire, State Government overturned local objections to yet another mega festival site in the north of the Shire and as Australia is hell-bent on digging up all remaining fossil fuel, the environment requires all the help it can get. The irony being with the local festival site is that the Federal Government this week ruled on wild-life corridors which runs right through the middle of this site.

http://www.abc.net.au/iview/#/view/28262  This Catalyst programme spells out Australia’s climate reality.

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