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For or against ? Facts versus fiction ?




As shopping is at a frenzy pre-Christmas and most of what we are buying is made in China, even a calendar I liked was printed in China, isn’t it time we all questioned where what we buy and consume comes from, the energy and its source it takes to produce it and then the fuel to transport it back to our shops or post offices via shopping on line. Then the couriers and contract postal workers to deliver it via their vehicles to our addresses.

Canada’s Conservative government finally approved a $15.1 billion bid by CNOOC, a state-owned Chinese oil company, for Nexen, a tar-sands producer. Canada has strict rules on foreign takeovers of natural-resource companies. Stephen Harper, the prime minister, said that future foreign offers for tar-sands firms would be barred, except in “exceptional circumstances”.

From the Economist.


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Saturday gardening.

Cycled to Jayne’s and got my breathing in sync going up the hills. Jayne was baking a pear up-side down cake, kitchen filled with a delicious smell. Tonight is poker night with lots of cake. I might go although I can’t play poker.

Then we pulled down and gathered a couple of madeira vine onto tarpaulins. Weeded a future flower garden where we uncovered this little frog, a teenage Great Barred we think ?

Started on the mulching here. Covering and scattering mustard seed. 2 weeks with-out rain. Wow, next we will be complaining.

The gang, laying 7 eggs a day.

The Biological Farmers of Australia (BFA) is releasing guidelines for organic producers and mining companies endorsed by the Queensland Government.

Unlike conventional properties, organic certified producers are afforded some protection under a number of Acts.

Petroleum and gas activity on an organic or biodynamic property is described as an advanced activity under Acts including the Mineral Resources Act 1989 and the Greenhouse Gas Storage Act 2009.




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Cunjevoi in the foreground.

Cunjevoi  ( Alocasia brisbanensis ) all parts of this plant contain a highly toxic alkaloid but its delicate rose/jasmine like scent is a sheer delight when it reaches my nose. Prolific regrowth of this plant is occurring in all gully regeneration sites which gives a contrasting shade of green to the other regrowth.

The failure of the Rio Climate summit.


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