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2o mls of rain over the week-end has meant ideal time for transplanting. If a sudden cold comes then many of the transplants will not survive. The garden is suddenly abundant. Seedlings sprouting everywhere. June is now winter.

2 good early morning starts to follow up work. Pacing through red and white cedar, sandpaper fig and numerous other emerging rain forest pioneers, removing lone roaming lantana, re sprouted from initial clearing. Easier than walls of dense lantana, my knees decide my work areas most days. Its a fun job for me, remembering rocks uncovered years ago to now be under a red cedar canopy.

Senator-elect David Leyonhjelm has delivered a scathing attack on the National Party, and declared himself an alternative voice for Australian farmers.

Describing the Nationals as ‘agrarian socialists’ who don’t believe in market forces, Mr Leyonhjelm says drought assistance for farmers is ‘despised’ by many landholders.

He’s also taken aim at organic food production which he describes as ‘less safe’ than genetically modified crops.

‘There’s quite a lot of cases where organic food has led to food poisoning, due to the use of manure.’

Obviously never observed nature at ground level. Needs an education in ecology. For a man, who sells chemicals for a living and thinks spraying fields with poisons is ‘safe’, then to go on to say organics are not safe, shows us ordinary people how the senate is now unrepresentative and needs to reform how we vote for it.

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