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Night Cap in the back ground.

Early climb up to the work site with Marg who worked alongside me this morning. Night Cap National Park in the distance where we hope to reach with the Lantana slash and pull soon. Early starts with departure from the cabin by 6 30 am. Temps are already rising rapidly so early starts are essential.

From the USA.

Monsanto’s RoundUp Ready seed line has shown that the strategy of stacking seeds with herbicide-resistant traits doesn’t work. But instead of abandoning this losing strategy, Dow is introducing more of the same, accelerating the pesticide treadmill. The costs of this strategy are clear:
Damage to neighboring crops and farmers’ livelihoods. 2,4-D drifts, both through spray drift and volatilization. This poses a very real threat to rural economies and farmers growing non-2,4-D-resistant crops. Conventional farmers will lose crops while organic farmers will lose both crops and certification, resulting in an economic unraveling of already-stressed rural communities.
Health harms to farmers, rural communities and kids. 2,4-D is a reproductive toxicant, suspected endocrine disruptor and probable carcinogen. Children are particularly susceptible to its effects.
More “superweeds.”  2,4-D-resistant weeds will arise and spread just as RoundUp-resistant “superweeds” have taken over farms and countryside in the Midwest and Southeast.

Pesticide Action Network North America

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