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Another 95 mls of rain. Total over 2 weeks, 575 mls here approx.

Now my swollen sprained ankle is returning to normal I went for an adventure alongside the recently flooded Coopers Creek. Where I have left introduced plants, lantana and Asian ginger, absolutely no erosion from the banks.  Where lomandras have replaced removed lantana, no erosions either.  Indigenous trees emerging everywhere and I returned with a bag of black apple and bolly gum seeds.






Dear Donald,

The Baird Government has released their Biodiversity Law ‘reform’ package and it is bad. It will lead to more land clearing, more biodiversity loss and exacerbate climate change.

The new system for land management will remove the ‘improve or maintain environmental outcomes’ test for land clearing and allow broadscale clearing. There will be little to no compliance checks on clearing, just a reliance on ‘self-assessable codes’ instead. It will also further expand the biodiversity offset system which we know doesn’t work. Even worse, developers will no longer be required to even find offsets themselves or meet the ‘like for like’ criteria – instead they can just pay into a fund.

The consultation process for the reforms is now open and submissions close on 28 June.

To help with your submission, we have put together a submission guide to assist in you in opposing these laws.

We will also be joining a community rally outside Premier Mike Baird’s office at Manly this Friday (24 June) at 11am. Register for the Greens contingent here .

Together, we can defeat these regressive laws.

Best wishes,

Dr Mehreen Faruqi

Greens NSW MP



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