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Geoff Dawe.

Really sad upon reading of Geoff Dawe’s death.

A dedicated true environmentalist, his columns in the GOOD TIMES were always instructive, fair and at times funny.  I feel like many that we have lost a mentor and a friend.

Passionate about the non use of herbicides, insecticides, fungicides and pesticides, he guided many to value nature as it has evolved in Australia since white settlement.

A tree planting here in his memory on February 10th.

In honor of Geoff , a man passionate about the health of the planet, a petition to consider.

We’ve just roasted through the hottest 5 years on record.1

But instead of swinging into action to support clean energy, the Turnbull government is propping up our ageing fleet of dirty old coal plants.

These ancient pollution factories are fuelling more frequent and intense heat waves. And they are failing in the heat.

Clapped-out coal and gas stations have had 25 major breakdowns this summer.2 These old clunkers keep breaking down in the heat, when people need electricity the most.

The good news? Clean energy is stepping in to save the day. When the geriatric Loy Yang A coal plant faltered, South Australia’s giant Tesla battery responded in record time to keep the lights on.3

It’s clear: the best thing to reduce pollution and blackouts is a smart, modern electricity grid based on 100% clean energy.

Sign the petition to demand 24-hour clean power if you’re ready for a 100% clean-energy future.



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