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No to fluoride.

>http://www.abc.net.au/news/el2013-11-21/byron-black-sheep-flouridation/5108468 Council voted 5 to 3 against fluoride.

Comments worth reading, particularly the wacky view many have on Byron.

I walked out of the valley at 6, the photo taken on my way to catch Jayne going to work. Always enjoy my 7 k walk. Birds having breakfast. Rain forest trees flowering along-side Coopers Creek next to the gravel road-way. After a quick breakfast I attended the gathering out-side Council along-side the urban anti fluoride group. Passion is good to see displayed and now I think we will see it expand into the eventual herbicide ban on public soil.


Watching me as I ate breakfast in a court-yard in Mullumbimby. The town is hosting its fantastic music festival this week-end. My idea of a music festival that every venue in town is involved.




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