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This young goanna was very interested in finding its way indoors to snatch the stored eggs
While we ate our dinner this koala ate too.

World soil day on the 5th December…… so it was sad to see where the herbicide had been sprayed alongside the road and in drains. The second photo is of the targeted plant, (jumpseed, see earlier post) that was sprayed 2 weeks ago. Already sprouting proving our herbicide free point, that spraying is developing resistance.



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For or against ? Facts versus fiction ?




As shopping is at a frenzy pre-Christmas and most of what we are buying is made in China, even a calendar I liked was printed in China, isn’t it time we all questioned where what we buy and consume comes from, the energy and its source it takes to produce it and then the fuel to transport it back to our shops or post offices via shopping on line. Then the couriers and contract postal workers to deliver it via their vehicles to our addresses.

Canada’s Conservative government finally approved a $15.1 billion bid by CNOOC, a state-owned Chinese oil company, for Nexen, a tar-sands producer. Canada has strict rules on foreign takeovers of natural-resource companies. Stephen Harper, the prime minister, said that future foreign offers for tar-sands firms would be barred, except in “exceptional circumstances”.

From the Economist.


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