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A week of depressing news. From the live sheep trade to total disrespect for the environment.

Farmers’ associations, the Tasmanian deputy premier and a Tasmanian Liberal senator lobbied the environment and energy minister, Josh Frydenberg, not to grant critically endangered status to woodlands eligible for protection under Australia’s national environment laws.
In 2017 the independent threatened species scientific committee, which provides scientific advice to the government about conserving threatened species, recommended two new woodlands be listed as critically endangered ecological communities under the Environment Protection and Biodiversity Conservation Act.
The first, poplar box grassy woodlands on alluvial plains, a type of grassy eucalypt woodland found in New South Wales and Queensland, was recommended for a critically endangered listing in April 2017.


It always makes me want to yell when after the 4 Corners programme on ABC tv, on the shocking reality of the live sheep trade cargo ships, a couple of years ago.  The huge public outcry that followed- but it seems that  the 4 Corners shocking footage has meant nothing to our watchdogs.

Thousands of sheep die cruel stifling deaths in the live sheep trade. And it is still happening.

Surely each sheep farmer that provided the sheep for export are as equally angry as most humane humans are. And angry too at their politicians, as unaccountable as they now seem to be.


And then there are the banks and AMP.


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