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Damp, humid and showers.

With the continuing rain there is an explosion of fungi’s. I think this one is Amanita ananiceps.

Below is a fallen fig tree 5 years on.

With the cotton plant disappearing in the valley, due to spraying, the monarch butterfly is loosing its food source. New comers into the valley are spraying herbicides to do their mowing. Another phone call informed me that lantana is to be sprayed to a creeks edge from which 5 domestic dwellings source their water. ( I would like to see compulsory water collection from all roof spaces).

A phone call to Byron Shire Council informed the caller that Council has a herbicide free policy ???? Has anyone told land-care ( scare) and their hapless workers?


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Citizen Science and a Fungi Map.



In our current regeneration area numerous fungi’s display amongst the mulched lantana. The emerging seedling is a red cedar.


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Recycling as it should be.


Its truly a night time wonderland for garden and track walking. Fluro fungi is abundant and from the verandah, glowing clusters, like tiny neon lights, shimmer in the dark through-out the garden. Glow worms and fluorescent gnats light up the banks of the tracks.

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