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Spring nearing its end.


An inspiring film about Peter Proctor taking Biodynamic Agriculture to India, as a tool to restore degraded soil (60 minutes).

VENUE: Shearwater, the Mullumbimby Steiner School, at the Library

   378 Left Bank Road, Mullumbimby

Viewed this film last night with dinner before in the court-yard of the school. Inspiring couple from NZ. Bio-dynamic farming which I do not practice. But if I had a herd of cows perhaps I would. The vitality of the Indian soils where this practice is occurring was abundant, The following crops looked vital and ready to eat.  The other outstanding quality that was conveyed was how everyone worked so well together in the gardens.

Stayed the night in town to have a chorus of roosters wake me at 4. Then enjoyed the local town market with a hearty breakfast of broccoli topped with a sturdy dressing plus an egg and toast. The local bread makers really know their craft. Lots of local produce and ready to eat food for breakfast, good buskers too at 8 in the morning.

Following the 10 mls of heavy rain the other night, the garden has bolted. cabbages that had remained dormant for weeks ( planted in March/April ) are just beginning to hearten.  Always something to eat but not in the same order compared to the last three years.

More on the decline of bees and what we can do about it. From the UK.



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Soggy garden photo.


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