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Garden edges a glow in the dark.

After the heavy rain the garden’s edges are a glow with various fungi radiating  in the dark.


Dear Donald, thanks for your email regarding the use of Glyphosate. The Greens are supporters of chemical-free weed control methods. Only this year, the Greens Leader and health spokesperson Richard Di Natale wrote to the Office of Chemical Safety requesting a review of glyphosate use in Australia following research by the International Agency for Research on that claimed that glyphosate was a probable carcinogen. See: http://www.abc.net.au/news/2015-03-26/chemical-group-disputes-finding-that-glyphosate-causes-cancer/6349246

A new study finds that Indian farmers in rain-fed areas are being driven to suicide from the increased cost of growing Bt GMO cotton varieties that confer no benefits to them, writes Eva Sirinathsinghji. The extra expenses arise from buying new seeds each year, along with increased chemical inputs, while suffering inadequate access to agronomic information.

Alternative systems such as organic farming have already been shown to produce superior yields. Bt cotton, instead of bringing farmers out of debt, is fuelling the problem and should be replaced by short-season, local and organically grown varieties. A new study directly links the crisis of suicides among Indian farmers to Bt cotton adoption in rain-fed areas, where most of India’s cotton is grown.

Many fall into a cycle of debt from the purchase of expensive, commercialised GM seeds and chemical inputs that then fail to yield enough to sustain farmers’ livelihoods.

Just in.

Monsanto and other glyphosate manufacturers appear to have distorted scientific evidence on the public health impacts of glyphosate in order to keep the controversial substance on the market, according to a new report released today by GLOBAL 2000 (Friends of the Earth Austria, member of PAN Europe) with the support of Avaaz, BUND, Campact, CEO, GMWatch, Pesticide Action Network (PAN) Europe, PAN Germany, and Umweltinstitut München.

REad the report here https://www.global2000.at/sites/global/files/Glyphosate_and_cancer_Buying_science_EN_0.pdf

and remember that our recently even more reduced APVMA does NO independent testing at all, is funded by industry, and has recently been relocated to Macdonalds, Armidale (not kidding).

Or access the report on our web page blog. (Plenty of other information there too)

Ellen White


BSCFL is a project of Mullum Seed

Mullumbimby Sustainability Education and Enterprise Development Incorporated

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Project Coordinator

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Photo by Rodney Weidland…………………honey eater feasting on the Coral tree flower……………Coral tree that is being poisoned all through out our valley by Land-care.









March 23, 2017 · 8:12 pm

Sunday and its raining again.


Avocadoes have had a great growing year. The garden is rushing towards (hopefully) cooler weather. Or is it?

Below, my first effort at making guava and tamarillo jam. Tastes good but hasn’t set as I hoped.

Found the tea towel in a charity shop, still as true today as when it was printed in the ultra nasty years of the Joh Bjelke-Petersen years.


The New Wild

Author…..   Fred Pearce…..    Publisher Icon Books (2015) ISBN9781848318342   Description … Why invasive species will be nature’s salvation

Veteran environmental journalist Fred Pearce used to think of invasive species as evil interlopers spoiling pristine ‘natural’ ecosystems. Most conservationists would agree. But what if traditional ecology is wrong, and true environmentalists should be applauding the invaders? In The New Wild, Pearce goes on a journey to rediscover what conservation should really be about. He explores ecosystems from Pacific islands to the Australian outback to the Thames estuary, digs into the questionable costs of invader species, and reveals the outdated intellectual sources of our ideas about the balance of nature. Keeping out alien species looks increasingly flawed. The new ecologists looking afresh at how species interact in the wild believe we should celebrate the dynamism of alien species and the novel ecosystems they create. In an era of climate change and widespread ecological damage, we must find ways to help nature regenerate. Embracing the ‘new wild’ is our best chance.


Overwhelming majority of Germans contaminated by glyphosate



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Rest day.


Still damp and the odd shower so a good time to rest and to read Hannah Kent’s BURIAL RITES.  After a hectic past week with a variety of food I am planning a low key New Years eve with a visit by Shea.


cherry tomatoes

Cherry tomatoes


Click to access 507_Glyphosate%20restrictions%20Dec%202015.pdf

We should not want everything to be subject to our will, but to good sense.



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