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When it rains I spend the day listening to the radio and boy did it bring me down yesterday.

First the NSW government voting in draconian and undemocratic legislation which will impose huge fines and jail for  ordinary people who are acting in trying to protect our already severely degraded environment. A recent poll found 83% of a 1000 NSW people polled said, emphatically, our water and soil and farmer’s land rights must be protected.

Our legislators are governing for themselves, not us.


The Federal Government back- tracking on Safety in Schools legislation which gave help in educating children to understand we are not all born the same. Some elected representatives seem to have views that belong in the 1950s, not in the texting and internet generation. Yet all are ready to use these technologies to further their out of date ideologies.

What a farce.


And then the enormous non challenge of Equality in marriage for the LBGT community ……………what an embarrassment which we are showing to the rest of the more progressive world on this issue. That not only in our climate change denial at many levels of active government, our legislators are out of step with our own populations views in 2016.

Over whelming support for Marriage Equality in the Australian population is being denied as the discrimination continues and my community are faced with outrageous and erroneous statements every day.



Former Irish president Mary Robinson says climate change is a threat to human rights on RN Breakfast

with Fran Kelly on RN

Wednesday 16th March Former Irish president Mary Robinson says climate change is a threat to human rights on RN Breakfast


Almost half of Australian voters say policies on climate change, renewable energy and the Great Barrier Reef will influence the way they vote at the next federal election, according to new polling shared exclusively with Guardian Australia.

The nationwide poll of 1,048 people over the weekend found 47% of people agreed or strongly agreed that “climate change and renewable energy will influence the way I vote at this year’s federal election”.




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Busy, busy, busy.

Extraordinary reaction to my last post with outrage, calls for a transparent audit of land-care groups, who benefit from public funds and whose main weapon is  glyphosate.  Negative reaction too against National parks and Brunswick Valley land care, who have been spot spraying where the chemical-free volunteers work for free.  After considerable public reaction to aerial spraying over the dunes a couple of years ago, which stopped the aerials, it seems to be a hostile and undemocratic reaction by entrenched bureaucrats.

A recently sprayed site near Mullumbimby.


But after a busy morning with words and the phone I managed 3 hours in the gardens cutting comfrey for mulch and fertiliser tea.


Following I was chased by this large hissing goana, the first time that has happened to me here. Quite exciting actually.


And flying over the gardens yesterday this delight.




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