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The Australian Green Charter. With inserts from today’s news.

We live at a crucial time in history. Never before have we had so many answers to the problems that have dogged our developing world. Solutions now exist that could greatly decrease the poverty; hunger and ill-health of our fellow humans and we now have technologies to reduce and repair much of the ecological damage to our planet.

Clean air; clean water and ecological sustainability are possible. Yet this is not being achieved. World-wide; governments lack the political will to make the necessary adjustments that will bring an end to the conflict; pollution; poor health and social inequity that characterise our time.

The Greens have evolved in this climate to show a new way forward. A Green response to the ecological crisis proceeds on the basis of a respect for all life; both human and non-human. We recognise the mutual interdependence between humanity and the rest of nature and we seek to move toward an ecologically sustainable path.


We seek to eradicate poverty; oppression and discrimination and to build a society underpinned by values of participatory democracy; social justice; and the respect for cultural and ecological diversity. We aim to transform the political; social and economic structures that disempower and oppress people and to develop a rich; participatory cultural life that enables the flourishing of new democratic movements for progressive change.

We believe that contesting elections is a necessary step toward the building of an ecologically sustainable and socially just society; but that it is by no means the only step. We seek to encourage and facilitate grassroots movements and community initiatives that are working towards ecological responsibility; social justice; affirmative action and global equity. We seek to avoid parochialism and to cultivate a global; ecological consciousness and a long-term perspective in order to safeguard the interests of both existing and future generations and nonhuman species. We believe Australia should play an active role in building a more co-operative world that is capable of addressing the glaring disparities in energy and resource consumption and quality of life between rich and poor. We aim to extend recognition and assistance to progressive social movements in other countries and to international institutions that are working toward these ends.

Reflecting an awareness of the interrelatedness of all ecological; social and economic processes the general principles of The Greens are:

To ensure that human activity respects the integrity of ecosystems and does not impair biodiversity and ecological resilience of life-supporting systems.


To encourage the development of a consciousness that respects the value of all life.
To increase opportunities for public participation in political; social and economic decision making.
To break down inequalities of wealth and power which inhibit participatory democracy.
Social justice
To eradicate poverty by developing initiatives that address the causes as well as the symptoms of poverty.
To provide affirmative action to eliminate discrimination based on gender; age; race; ethnicity; class; religion; disability; sexuality; or membership of a minority group.
To introduce measures that redress the imbalance of wealth between rich and poor.
To adopt and promote the nonviolent resolution of conflict.
To develop an independent; nonaligned foreign policy and a non-nuclear; defensive; self-reliant defence policy.
An ecologically sustainable economy
To develop economic policies that will ensure greater resource and energy efficiency and development and use of environmentally sustainable technologies.
To reduce dependence on non-renewable resources and ensure sustainable use of renewable resources.
To adopt more comprehensive social; environmental and technology assessment practices.
To facilitate socially and ecologically responsible investment.
Meaningful Work
To encourage; develop and assist work that is safe; fairly paid; socially useful; personally fulfilling and not harmful to the environment.
To encourage and facilitate more flexible work arrangements (such as job sharing, part-time work, self-employment); on-going education; training and social welfare (including child-care) so that more people can engage in meaningful work.
To respect and protect ethnic; religious; racial diversity.
To recognise the cultural requirements of the original Australians and to assist in ensuring the achievement of Aboriginal land rights and self- determination.
To facilitate a free flow of information between citizens and all tiers of government..
To ensure that Australians have the benefit of a locally responsible; diverse; democratically controlled and independent mass media.
Global responsibility
To promote equity between nations and peoples by:

facilitating fair trading relationships.
providing for increased development assistance and concerted international action to abolish Third World Debt
providing increased green technology transfer and skills to developing countries
opposing human rights abuses and political oppression
ensuring that Australia plays an active role in promoting peace and ecological sustainability.
Long-term future focus
To avoid action which might risk long-term or irreversible damage to the environment.
To safeguard the planet’s ecological resources and values on behalf of future generations.


So why are we not hearing anything from the local Greens on the mass poisoning of the camphor and Coral trees in our Shire?

Pesticide Action Network – UK
11 hrs · February 2018
Great initiative launched by Pesticide Safe Bristol Alliance (PSBA), a campaign supported by local environment and food groups.

They are asking gardeners in Bristol who keep weeds at bay without toxic chemicals to “Take the pledge: declare your outdoor space pesticide-free”.

The world’s best-selling weed killer, glyphosate, is being banned by cities right across France due to concerns around its links to cancer, and by local authorities in Glastonbury and Hammersmith. Despite promising to “stop using harmful pesticides” in 2016, Bristol City Council continues to apply glyphosate without warning in streets, housing estates and other public spaces.

The PSBA is calling on householders to lead the way. Whether you have a garden, allotment or just a driveway, take the pledge and declare your outdoor space a pesticide free zone. Pledgers will be provided with resources on alternative weed control techniques, and how to safely dispose of pesticides.

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After 21 days Henrietta hatched her 2 eggs.  Days when she left her eggs for a dust bath, Lil and myself kept the eggs warm until she decided to return to the nest. But she only left her eggs twice, usually at 4 pm, and soon seemed to catch on.


Hilarious……………….send up featuring Byron bay.



And more about the Greens





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Green Principles on GMOs and the herbicides used to manage them.


The Australian Greens believe that:

  1. Genetically modified organisms (GMOs), their products, and the chemicals used to manage them may pose significant risks to natural and agricultural ecosystems.
  2. GMOs have not been proven safe to human health.
  3. Scientific evidence produced independently from the developers and proponents of the GMO must be undertaken and form the basis for assessing and licensing of GMOs. GMO assessments must be broad, independent and scientifically robust.
  4. The precautionary principle must be applied to the production and use of GMOs.
  5. Living organisms such as plants, animals and micro-organisms are not inventions. Patents on life are unethical and against the public interest.
  6. The Australian government must prohibit the use of ‘terminator’ technologies (Gene Use Restriction) that prevent seeds from germinating when planted.
  7. Farmers and consumers have a right to grow and consume non-GMO foods.
  8. Everyone has a right to know if foods contain any ingredients made using GM techniques, through the comprehensive labelling of those products.


The Australian Greens want:

  1. A moratorium on the release of GMOs into the environment until there is an adequate scientific understanding of their long term impact on the environment, human and animal health. This includes the removal as far as possible of all GMOs from the Australian environment and food supply while the moratorium is in place.
  2. Mandatory clear and obvious labelling of all foods containing any ingredient, additive, processing aid or other constituent produced using GMOs.
  3. A ban on patenting all living organisms, including plants, animals and micro-organisms, and naturally occurring DNA code sequence information.
  4. A rigorous peer-reviewed approach to assessing and licensing of GMOs which sets objective benchmarks, standards and quality assurance systems in advance of the use and release of GMOs.
  5. A strengthened, transparent, precautionary regulatory and monitoring system which prevents GMO contamination.
  6. Assessment and research processes that ensures GMOs are safe for the environment, and that derived foods are safe for consumption.
  7. Fulfilment by Australia of its responsibilities under the Convention on Biological Diversity. This includes signing and ratifying the Cartagena Biosafety Protocol on the safe international transfer, handling and use of living modified organisms.
  8. Certification of all imported seed, food and other products as GM or GM-free through stringent independent testing.
  9. Balanced, accurate, complete and high quality information to be made available to the public, on the environmental, economic and social aspects of the genetic manipulation of living organisms.
  10. Publicly funded agricultural research and development to prioritise sustainable production methods not genetic manipulation.
  11. Legal liability for adverse effects arising from planting, harvesting, distribution, sale of GMOs to lie with growers using GMO and licence holders.



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85 mls of rain.



A wet weekend always gives me a chance to read, catch up and talk on the phone.

One article stood out for me was about Richard Di Natale, the Federal Greens Leader, looking resplendent in Acne, Balenciaga, Christian Louboutin and Hugo Boss fashion labels.

Already been previewed with his pro genetically modified food view with that implying he supports Monsanto ? I hope the up coming interview proves that assumption wrong.

No mention of the environment and over population in the reviews.

No mention  of Australia’s rising carbon emission.

I wait for GQ  and the full interview with much anticipation. The review I read was in a celebrity column in the Fairfax press.




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This young goanna was very interested in finding its way indoors to snatch the stored eggs
While we ate our dinner this koala ate too.

World soil day on the 5th December…… so it was sad to see where the herbicide had been sprayed alongside the road and in drains. The second photo is of the targeted plant, (jumpseed, see earlier post) that was sprayed 2 weeks ago. Already sprouting proving our herbicide free point, that spraying is developing resistance.



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