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Poisoning Water which ends up in the Ocean.




Catalyst - Micro-Plastics / Tassie's Secrets - Episode 7

Micro-Plastics / Tassie’s Secrets

Series 17 | Episode 7GCCDOCUMENTARY/FACTUAL28 mins

We look into marine life in Australia, to find out what plastics escape our household drains & what kind of damage they can do. And the geology of north-western Tasmania reveals similarities to Antarctica. #ABCcatalyst


Photos are of herbicide poisoning alongside and in some cases, into running water.

Below, alongside Wilson’s Creek.


Left Bank Road.


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Grasshopper fast food garden.


Green’s Leader, Richard Di Natale on Radio National this morning. Talking GM and herbicides and the extraordinary inhumanity of Australia’s asylum policy.

Read his position below but tune into Radio National Pod cast to hear his interview.



If you know anyone or you yourself would like to support herbicide free bush regeneration have a look at my crowd funding campaign site to raise wages for 4 workers here this winter.




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Garden days.

Busy mornings preparing the garden for autumn and winter planting. Rocket and cabbages self seeded. Pumpkins still powering and setting many more.

Paper wasps. Click on photo to enlarge and see the wasps.
Dismal film on where our food comes from. American supermarkets carry up to 47000 products on their shelves.

From the Green’s Charter.
A> To ensure that human activity respects the integrity of ecosystems and does not impair biodiversity and ecological resilience of life-supporting systems.
B< To encourage the development of a consciousness that respects the value of all life.

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