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Now to regain routine.

Loved the last 2 weeks.  It was cooler than expected. Visitors, over night guests, food and dancing and singing.  Christmas extended to three evenings, all with different friends each night  due to their working rosters.

No better way to spend New Years Eve other than with Shea.

A extraordinary young woman whom I haven’t seen for nearly 3 years. Her song writing via her lyrics are way beyond her young age and I imagine a time she will be discovered as a song writer as well as a singer with fine voice.


The garden has taken off again. Below is a photo of a corner where ginger, butternut pumpkin, rocket and marigolds all flourish being close to each other. The grasshopper explosion, which has decimated other organic gardens in the area, seem to be contained in the mustard and zinnia flower patch.


Yesterday, while trying to prepare my cocoanut, semolina and macadamia biscuit bake, a mother butcher bird brought in her two young ones and attempted to help themselves to my baking mix. This is a first and I wondered how did they know I had edibles which they could eat.



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A Dead Cane toad and a Lesueur Live frog in the garden.

Unusual this year is that I have found 4 dead cane toads within my Certified Organic garden confines. This is the first year this has been seen.  I am very curious as to why this is happening. The upside is during our work morning 3 native frogs hopped away from our weeding hands.


The upside was spotting ( can you ?) of this beautiful Lesueur’s Frog.


Where is the national outrage on this reality?



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Technology and me.

A busy working week added to with the phone out when-ever it rained. Finally, Thursday I helped the Telstra lone worker replace 100 metres of damaged line. Amazed at the safety aspects with just one worker attending to the servicing of rented telephone lines. I held ladders, pulled through line and sawed branches. I imagine the same will happen when the electricity lines are privatised. One worker on the ground whereas there are 2 at least now. Time to get independent completely from the grid.


Technically a dismal week. Windows 10 I still do not have a complete handle on. I can not seem to post any of the week’s photos on here so I am disappointed at that. My new camera I am not satisfied with so am thinking of finding a new Canon digital which I have used before and been very pleased with.


But on a herbicide-free regeneration effort my 2 workers and I layered a lot of lantana and transplanted a dozen red cedar tree seedlings. Looking good too as the red cedars transplanted weeks ago already have new spring leaves.



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Environment last.

A binge budget, no mention of the environment while we are told to go out and buy more “Made in China” destined for an early land-fill.
Consultants brought in by Council for a Weed Discussion while our volunteers continue our jump-seed follow up.

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Walked out at 5 30. Still very dark, torched fluttered from full beam to dim. I dodged the pot holes. Glow worms high on the road side bank. Chris gave me a lift to the end of the gravel. 6.15, still dark. Walked through our jump-seed weeding zone. Trying to see where we might of missed some. Torch no use.

Town by 7.30, breakfast and people. Sunny and warm. Found a collection of Australian and New Zealand Short stories. Good to have new stories for rainy days.
Mail-run with Jayne. Always a laugh and radio. Left Bank Road with its edges in parts recently sprayed. Fence lines, road signs, drain edges, visible water distinctly murky.
poisoned Felt sad about the above site. Only sprayed 6 months ago too.
With WHO and the Lancet sounding the alarms bells over glyphosate and other chemicals in every-day use, why the delay in stopping our use from today on.


Passed beneath a grove of Camphor Laurels which had five black cockatoos, 2 minors, cavorting through the branches. We watched as it was a flying lesson for the young. From branch to branch the adult was followed by its chick. Lorikeets too, feeding on the seed. A very busy canopy, nursery school and food larder.

Further in the day Upper Wilson Creek provided more contrast. A dead coral tree, blackening like it has gangrene after getting an injection of poison. The land-care workers sitting along-side the plastic containers of herbicide. Poisoned Coral trees disintegrating trunks and branches waiting to be washed downstream. Banks benneath need stabilising with lomandra now.

And then, another crossing or two covered in rushing water…… this .

Made an already eventful day very satisfying and a good sleep followed.


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Slashing, layering and mulching.

Tim, a new recruit to the herbicide-free project here, started working this morning at 7. We managed to slash, layer and mulch our way through a significant patch around the power pole. Many little rain forest seedlings visible around the edge.
Saying NO to herbicides.
Just a warm up for me.
Late Night Live on Radio National….http://www.abc.net.au/radio/programitem/pgY1Gp1r96
Why, despite overwhelming scientific evidence, do we still ignore climate change? In searching for the answer to this question, George Marshall spoke to some of the world’s leading climate scientists, cognitive psychologists, liberal environmentalists and conservative evangelicals and activists of the Texas Tea Party. What he found were more questions than answers.

The climate deniers can be likened to ‘herbicides at any cost’ users.

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New Rainforest ‘bible’ launched.

Hugh and Nan Nicholson have recently released their interactive identification key to Rainforest Plants of Australia-Rockhampton to Victoria. Nan said, For the first time people with little or no botanical knowledge will be able to work out the name of the plants they see around them.

The USB key will make our work here a little easier with me now able to take the key to the rain-forest. Hugh is the photographer and has taken 12,000 photos of the 1139 species of trees, shrubs, vines and mistletoes.

Source: The Nimbin Good Times.


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From the Chemfree Weeds Work-shop.

The aim of the present Strategy for the Reduction of Herbicide Pollution in Australia is
to raise public awareness on the problems related to herbicide use in Australia and
recommend ways to reduce or eliminate these problems. This strategy also seeks to
increase public awareness and encourage the adoption of environmentally benign
weed management techniques, using a combination of ChemFree methods for
managing unwanted vegetation. These methods include design and cultural
innovations to achieve landscape goals. It is our hope that the findings in the present
study will prove useful.
You are most welcome to contact us any time if you have any questions. Zheljana
Peric: zheljana.peric@monash.edu; Dr David Low: david.low@monash.edu

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