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Belated Christmas/New Year week.


Visitor week.  Enjoyed Carolyn and Carmilena’s visit.

Then Dion and Tannon arrived after their hectic week enjoying Tropical Fruit events in Lismore. Unfortunately a misplaced fall on a bouncy castle Dion dislocated his shoulder. No stopping him here though as we have transplanted 10 trees into a lantana mulched area. This morning pulling corky vines from rain forest trees and planting erosion points with lomandras and dianela. The fast flowing creek is simply wonderful to lie in.

McDonald’s is the world’s biggest purchaser of potatoes, buying more than 3.4 billion pounds of US grown potatoes every year.
The Toxic Taters Coalition is calling on McDonald’s to devise a strategy to reduce pesticide usage on its potato products because potato fields may be sprayed with toxic pesticides every five days, with the drift easily traveling to neighbouring farms, homes and schools.
We should all care about what we grow and eat.

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