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BRUSH Turkey in the hen house.


The brush turkey’s are very common around here and yesterday I saw two very young ones following an adult bird to the takeaway outlet which is the hen house. The turkey’s eat all the sorghum grain that the hen’s reject. The hens accept them with-out any aggression.



My open letter regarding the public meeting proposed for March/April in Mullumbimby.

Please forward to any-one who might like to contribute.

After spending time with the young members of the Green Army before they  are disbanded for good, I am asking for feed back and support for a public  meeting from February on in Mullumbimby. Most of the GA group were very  knowledgeable on environmental issues, herbicide use and their limited prospects  for future employment.
We need discussion and ideas for paid herbicide free conservation and  enhancement work. After our 3 months working on the Huonbrook road side verges,  sensible plantings around drain inlets, causeways ect would contribute  enormously to proper erosion control, silt build up and eventually to  sustainable and economical road side management. Would also mean better drainage  for the roads therefor eliminating some pot hole formation. Transplanting of the  many indigenous seedlings on the verges, into better positions and away from the  Contract mowers that mow once a year. Surely here alone is a viable reason to create hands on real jobs.
Perhaps what Council still spends on  herbicides could be diverted to real part time conservation work ?
Our second big issue, for long term certified organic growers like myself  and others, who counter spray drift from non organic neighbours ( I don’t but many others do )  and various schemes that under sell certified organic growers, is to find a dedicated  person to set up and administer a affordable local certifying body.  Not  only would it guarantee growers adhering to organic standards, it could promote  and tutor new growers and those who mow hectares of grass- to evolve into  certified growing for the LOCAL market. With our present certifying fees at 700 dollars for small growers, there are NO foliar or soil tests undertaken anymore therefore making a mockery of growers who adhere to the very strict rules.
Food is going to be a real issue in a  not too distant future, now that climate change is changing growing patterns. GM  and monoculture will be the biggest losers.

replies to chemfreeregen@gmail.com or post a comment below.



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